SummerFest Ruana Pattern

SummerFest Ruana


To Honor The Caribbean Ruana … I Bring To You The SummerFest Ruana. A Longer, Light Weight, Cotton Blend Yarn, with a Twist.

This Ruana is made with Lion Brand’s New Comfy Cotton Blend Yarn.. a review can be seen here

This is a repetitive stitch pattern. Made in 2 pieces and sewn together. There’s a optional border & Optional buttons 😉

Each Panel measures approx.. 13 inches wide by 82 inches long

You will need….

10mm Crochet hook

2 Cakes Lion Brand Comfy Cotton Blend ( I used Spring Meadow)

1 skein I Love This Cotton ( Ivory) for Border

Stitch Markers, Measuring Tape, Scissors

2 buttons ( optional )


Stitch Abbreviation’s…

Ch. = Chain

SC = Single Crochet

HDC = Half Double Crochet

BL = Back Loop

SK = Skip Stitch

*to * = Repeat the steps between the *’s

( number) = Amount of Stitches at end of row


This is a Mesh type pattern.. There is no Specific Gauge. Keep tension consistent thru-out pattern.

Border and Buttons are optional ad-ons


Make 2 Panels



Row 1.) 2nd ch. From hook SC across (180)

Row 2.) Ch.1, turn, HDC across (180)

Row 3.) Ch.1, turn, HDC3, *ch.4 – Sk2- SC* , repeat *to* 57 more times, HDC last 3 stitches


Row 4.) Ch.1, turn, HDC3, *Ch.4- SC in Loop*, repeat *to* across to last loop, HDC in last 3 ( Do Not Ch from last loop to HDC’s)


Rows 5-9.) Repeat Row 4


Row 10.) Ch.1,turn, HDC3, *HDC in SC- HDC2 in Loop* repeat *to* across, HDC last 3 (180 hdc’s)


Row 11-13.) Ch.1, turn, HDC across (180)


Row 14.) Repeat Row 3

Rows 15-20.) Repeat Row 4


Row 21.) Repeat Row 10


Now Count 90 Stitches from end.. Place SM in Stitch 91


Row 22.) Ch.1, Turn, SC across to SM (91)

Row 23.) Ch.1, Turn SC (91)

Rows 24-26.) Repeat Row 23.. Fasten off


Place both pieces together with the “short” Rows lined up with each other.. Place stitch markers to help hold the pieces together. You are only sewing together the 2 91 stitch areas.

You can Slip stitch or hand sew the 2 pieces together but I do not recommend SC them together.. doing so will leave a “lump” along your seem.


Optional Border..


Starting on Outside corner of Front “Flap” ..


Row 1.) Sc evenly around. On Corners Sc-Ch.1-Sc in corner stitch.

Row 2.) Ch.4, Turn, *Sk- DC- Ch.3* all the way around, Fasten off


Optional Buttons…


On Back Flap of Ruana.. Count 50 SC from bottom, Place SM in 50th. Attach Button on this 50th Stitch… You can place it either on the outside of the Ruana or the inside. I chose inside.

On Front flaps.. Count up 50 SC on the outside edge of flap..Place SM in 50th SC. Attach Yarn with a SC on Stitch 49, Chain as many needed to slide over your button, Then SC into stitch 51.


Buttons I used are Approx 1 inch wide so I chained 8.

******Due to Technical Issues****

I apologize for the Lack of photos.. When uploading photos my computer had a “melt down” and corrupted some and ate the others. After that disaster it was having “errors”. Thank you for your patience 🙂


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