Cotton Blend No 5…Yarn Review

Boy, do I have a review for you today!! It has a plot twist and everything..

Today’s review is about, what I thought was a brand new yarn. I haven’t seen it in my local stores and had to purchase it through Lion Brand’s website. When it showed up I had a massive DeJaVu.

Do you all remember the Yarn Bee Arabella review I did back in Feb of last year?? Cotton Blend No5 reminded me of it. I raced down to Hobby Lobby and grabbed myself a couple of skeins, came home and was completely shocked. I mean I had a serious What da Hell moment. These 2 completely different companies have a yarn that is almost identical!

Not only are the looks very close, they both have the same softness and appear to be made the same way also. So far the only slight difference I can find is Cotton No5 looks a tad bit more fuzzy than Arabella. Below is some side by side photos of the two together. In all the years that I have been working with yarn I have never run across this. There has been yarn that I could substitute with a different brand that resembled each other but not to the degree that these two yarns are.

Before I go on… Lets get into the details of No5…

  • This is a Bulky ( #5) weight yarn
  • Recommended… 6mm knitting needle/ 6.5mm Crochet hook
  • 3.5 oz/ 100g net weight
  • 109yd’s/ 100mm
  • Made of.. 55% cotton, 45% Acrylic
  • Mashine wash gentle, lay flat…but.. due to the way this yarn was made…I recommend Hand wash and lay flat to dry. I can see a washing machine (even on gentle) making this yarn “fuzz” out over time.
  • Price.. at Lion Brand $5.99 + shipping

This yarn is “made” up using 2 strands that are fluffy & loose. One is a natural white, the other being a color changing strand and both are held together with a small singular thread, giving it a twisted type texture look. It comes in 6 different color combos. Regardless of the similarity with Arabella, this yarn is still easy to work with and comes in some fun, bright colors. I cant say with all honesty one is better than the other.. the choice will be up to you. I have broken down the differences below..

  • No5 has 5 more yards in the skein VS the Arabella
  • Needle size varies by only a half size between the 2
  • Arabella has 8 color combo choices VS Cotton No5’s has 6 color combos
  • Cotton No5 has some brighter colors and multiple colors per skein, Arabella has more subtle and neutral colors
  • Arabella can be found at Hobby Lobby online or in their stores. Cotton No5 can be found online at Lion Brand and Joann stores ( if your lucky) I was unable to find them at my local store.
  • Price Difference… No5 is $5.99… Arabella is $4.99


Cotton Blend No5 is a bulky, on the soft side, fun colored yarn for your fall/winter designs. Great for hats, gloves, scarves, maybe even a small lap blanket but since it only comes in 109yd skein, anything bigger is gonna start costing a bit much.

Thanks for stopping by and til next time… Stay Safe and Have a Wonderful Week

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