Summer Crochet.. Happenings


Summer … Longer Days, Vacations, No School

Perfect for Crocheting Days… Or Is it?

We all long for the days of summer. Every year I plan out in my mind all the things I will be doing and accomplishing… Then summer comes and for some reason the plan.. well .. It goes to never neverland 😦

It started off with my Mac freaking out on me. I blame all the updates and new Apple only formats. Yes my Mac was old but it ran great and had no issues til Apple switched format for pictures to HEIC. Then the newest ios finished it off, my Mac could no long function. ggrrrr

With all these complications with computers and being stuck for hours behind them, I have been feeling the need to escape.. I have taken several last minute get me outta here road trips. Yes it feels great to get out and be in Nature but at the same time it didn’t help my computer issues solved and back on track

So since recovering from that whole mess.. I have found myself in a, I guess you could call it a rut. It’s not that I’m not crocheting ..cause that will never happen 😉 it is just I have found myself starting several projects. I’ve been bouncing around like a ping pong ball.


Project #1.. I started this with Lion Brands Comfy Cotton Stained Glass. It was a idea that spawned whilst cleaning out my storage. I had found a old shirt of mine and I haven’t seen any style like it since. So ofcourse being me, I say to myself… I can Crochet one.

After working on it for a little bit I realized I was going to need more yarn. Off I went back to Walmart. I do not know if it is because of “Back to School” or what but.. my Walmart has pulled it off the shelves. I have continued to check but to no avail it has not shown back up.



Project #2.. Well kind of.. After scouring the local Walmarts I was able to get a couple rolls of comfy cotton blend in a different color… So I restarted Project #1 ha ha

So could you call this project #2.. yes and no





Project #3... Some friends of mine and I were joking around one day and this project came to light. The first half was a cake walk and I worked it up pretty fast until I got to those little buggers.. These are made with a 2.75mm hook, crochet thread and are no longer than a inch. I have stalled on this project as my wrists and eyes can only make soo many at a time and I need a 100 of each color.. Gasp



Project #4.. Yes, it continues. This little guy is the only project that is near completion. He is a prototype so he is alittle rough but when I’m done I will be making another to clean him up and possibly have a pattern for.


I do have 2 other projects that are lined up.. but these 2 are requests so they are a needed projects. I’m hoping that taking these requests will help me get back in focus and finish the other projects.

I don’t know if anyone else is having a Summer of not being able to focus on one thing but I thought I would share. Atleast let you all know I am alive and still here.. well physically, not sure about mentally hahaha

I hope your are all having a Wonderful Summer … See ya Soon 🙂


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