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Lion Brands

Go For Faux Yarn

Review- Lion Brand's

Go For Faux is the Social Media Craze This Fall/Winter. You can find just about any type of pattern for this yarn, hats, collars, hand muffler, pillows, blankets, etc. When I first saw it via Social Media I kind of cringed. I’m not a big fan of working with, what I call, String with added hard to see what your doing- yarn. LOL  Can you really even call these types of “yarns” yarn? Anyways, I decided to go out and see this fluffiness for myself.

Go For Faux had me at first touch.. ( insert drool emoji) I was sold! No matter what, I needed this yarn in my life and I was determined to give it a try.

As you can see the main make up of this yarn is a ribbon type strand with a “fur” attached to the ribbon. This yarn does not have much stretch to it. There is a very slight “give” to it. Keep that in mind when planing out your project.

Another aspect to keep in mind while working with this yarn, prepare to wash your hands before and during while you are working with this yarn for long periods at a time. I found the natural oils on your hands tend to make the fur kind of clump up together. Its been chilly here, but I would also assume if it’s hot and your hands get a little sweaty it would do the same.

Working with this yarn was much easier than I had myself hyped up over. Finding your stitches isn’t too difficult and frogging was not a nightmare. I was pleasantly surprised. This yarn is dense, So fancy stitches.. well they will get lost or be very hard to see.

All in all this is a fun, furry ball of squishy heaven. Now on to the specs….


3.5oz / 100g …65yds /60m in each skein

This is a Super bulky (6)

9mm  Hook / Needle

Machine Wash Cold ..Lay Flat to dry. Personally I would hand wash or spot wash if possible and lay flat to dry.

Do Not use Bleach and Do Not Iron

The final symbol confused me.. and yes I had to look it up.. It has to do with Dry Cleaning.. Any Solvent except Tetrachlorethylene.

1 skein makes 1 hat…. 2 skeins makes a scarf and 8 makes a sweater.

If you are going off a pattern that uses Go For Faux.. I would read the yardage of that pattern and buy from there. If you are designing.. I always error on the more side.

For More Details, Purchasing … (12 colors to choose from) and patterns specific to Go For Faux you can go directly to Lion Brands site HERE


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  1. I wish you had fairly recently posted one of these on their Vel-Luxe yarn: I’m going to have to give my entire order to an op shop. 😦
    I was totally unable to make crochet stitches with it, as I couldn’t bloody see where to put the crochet hook.
    Sighh ..
    Whinge ..


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