Yoga/Meditation Sock Revised (2019)

Yoga Socks Revised





Ya Ya Ya there just yoga sock right?!?!?!  NOPE…

I’ve been attempting yoga socks off and on for over a year now. I’ve tried every pattern I could find out there plus tried a few of my own. None of them worked.

By that I mean I have such large feet ( 9-10 depending on shoe brand) plus my feet are alittle chunky, Patterns I found would go over one part of my foot but not the other or be entirely too big. It was also hard to gauge if it was going to fit the person I was originally going to make them for. Being frustrated I just forgot the whole thing and moved on.

When I ordered some new yarn from Hemptique, I immediately thought to myself I want to try yoga socks with this. After my first attempt… I was frustrated again. I was ranting and raving to my self for a good 10 mins… yes, I talk to myself, I was told highly intelligent people do that hahaha. Anyways It just popped up in my head!!! BUTTONS!!!!! Why don’t I design the top portion of the sock to be open/closeable with buttons!!! 

Soooo here ya go. A easy, very customizable yoga/ meditation sock. Not only do you not have to worry about how much “room” to leave for the heal, you can actually make the foot part more snug and wider and the above part ankle fit perfectly.

THIS PATTERN IS FOR A SIZE 7-8 foot, Ankle measures 8 1/2 inches, just behind ball of foot is 8 inches and top of foot from ball to ankle is 3 inches.

The Original Pattern for size 9 -10 Can be found HERE


What you will need……

1 ball of your color choice of Lion Brand ZZ Twist 

5mm Hook,  4 small and thin buttons, scissors, tapestry needle & thread to sew buttons

Stitches used..

SC = Single Crochet

DC = Double Crochet

HDC = Half Double Crochet

SS = Slip Stitch

SKP Stch = Skip Stitch

DC2TOG = Decrease next 2 stitches


*   * = Repeat steps between Asterisks. 

This Pattern is for a LEFT foot and RIGHT foot. There is a Slight modification of Row 10 in order to keep buttons on outside of ankle( For Right Foot).  It is Recommended to start with left foot first … Which is how this pattern was written.


MAKE 2 ( this pattern starts with left foot)  Its starts with ankle and works down the foot.

Chain 38

Row 1.)  HDC  In 2nd Chain from hook… Continue to HDC across.. Chain 7 (OR as many needed to fit button thru loop made) 

Row 2.) DC,SC in first stitch,Skp Stch… *DC, SC, Skp Stch* across ( 19 DC,SC’s aka Clusters)

Row 3.) Chain 1.. DC 1st stitch, Skp Stch.. *DC,SC,Skp Stch* repeat 17 more times.. DC last stitch

Rows 4, 5, 6.) Repeat Row 3

Row 7.) Repeat row 3 then chain 7 ( or as many as you did previously for button hole)

Row 8.) DC the chain7 into first stitch… Then Repeat row 3

Row 9.) Repeat row 3



*** When Doing the right foot**

Before starting Row 11 You need to do the following…

Row 10.) Ch.1, SC 21 times, DC, *Skp Stitch, DC-SC* repeat * to * across… Now Start Row 11




Row 10.) Chain 1..DC first stitch..Skp Stch..*DC,SC,Skp Stch* repeat for a total of 8 DC,SC clusters

Row 11.) Chain 1.. DC first, Skp Stch..*DC,SC,Skp Stch* for total 7 DC,SC… DC in Last Stitch.

Row 12 & 13.) Repeat row 11

Row 14.) No Chain 1.. Skp first Stch.. DC next, Skp Stch.. *DC,SC,Skp Stch* til last 2 stitches..Sk then DC in last 

Row 15.) No Chain 1.. Skp first Stch.. DC next, Skp Stch.. *DC,SC,Skp Stch* til last 2 stitches..Sk then DC in last 

Row 16.) Chain 1.. DC first, Skp Stch..*DC,SC,SKp Stch* Across,  DC Last stitch

Starting Arch Cover — Make sure your project is facing the correct way….For Left Sock, Foot cover should be on left side as you look at your sock…. For Right Sock, Foot cover on the right side.

Row 17.) Chain 1.. HDC first and every stitch across ( 12 HDC’s) Now Chain 23.. making sure not to twist your chain… SS into First DC on row 16.

Row 18.) Chain1..HDC into same stitch as SS… HDC around… Making sure to HDC in every chain made

This is what your sock should look like

Row 19 – 25.) HDC around

Row 26.) SC around and SS/ Tie Off

Now you can either leave as is or do a SC around the Foot cover and ankle piece.


Yoga Socks Revised Free Pattern






**** You are free to Sell what you make from my pattern. You MAY NOT Alter, Modify, Copy or Sell my pattern. You may NOT use my Photos without consent and Please Link to my site for Pattern if you are selling items made from it.*****Show Respect, Give Credit where credit it due 😉

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