Summer Handi – Tote


The Summer Handi – Tote

I did a post recently, which included a few projects I was working on. This Handi – Tote was a request item that I just finished. I was Commissioned, by the Hubby 😉  He needed a small Tote he could take to the showers that he could carry his necessities to and from the showers. He explained what he needed and left the design up to me. 

While starting to make this tote… ideas started flooding in. This tote would work, not only for my hubby’s needs but also to carry that bathing suit and sandy flip flops after a day at the beach. On camping trips to take to the showers, pool or lakes, etc

The design of this tote is very simple.. It is made in panels & sewn together. The strap can be adjusted to suit your needs.. short or longer.

It has a pocket on one side and straps on the other to hold your flip flops

I used Peaches & Cream 100% cotton so it is easy to care for and sturdy. As this was a “special order” I did not keep track or write things down but I do plan on releasing a pattern for this tote.. As I buy most of my Cotton yarns in bulk type, I need to make another and keep track of yardage, etc   

Stay tuned…. 🙂
















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