I Wanna Make a Blankie .. Yarn Review

“I Wanna Make a Blankie” .. Yarn Cake ReviewIWannaMakeABlankieReview3

Stumbled across these by complete accident.. Well.. Maybe not by accident, maybe I was destined to find them.

I had gone to a different Walmart than usual looking for “after” xmas goodies. My intentions were to totally avoid the yarn isle. *gasp* I know right lol Here were these lovable, soft, huge cakes of joy on a End cap.. totally impossible to not see lol So as I was arguing with myself.. One magically jumped into my cart and that was that.

This adorably large cake of yarn is enough to make a lap blanket, which by the way, There is a full pattern included on the label for Knitting and Crochet.  Knitting is for a 42×42 blankie and Crochet is a 33×33.

The easy crochet pattern included is a Corner to Corner… I’m not fond of corner to corner so I did not follow the pattern. For those of you that are not familiar with Corner to Corner, you basically work from one corner edge increasing til you are half way then you start decreasing. Its not that I’m uncomfortable with increases and decreases.. its I don’t prefer the edge you end up with and I prefer to have a border around a corner to corner. This pattern does not leave any extra for a border. Also I went to Lion Brands site to see a picture of how this looks.. could not find pattern on site. This kinda disappointed me.

IWannaMakeABlankieReview1When I was finished, my lap blanket ended up as a 33×31. I did have extra yarn, so I could have adjusted my blankie and hopefully I would have end up with a 33×33.

This yarn holds up to frogging to a degree. it depends on how much you frog a project.. after 3 froggings the yarn ended up to look like it had a really bad day afterwards. The yarn was crushed (flattened) in some spots and just didn’t look as fluffy and nice as originally.

As I experimented with different stitches, I noticed this thick, squishy yarn makes it hard to see “special” stitches. I ended up sticking with basic stitches ( which are still hard to see). Definitely a basic, quick blankie yarn.

Technical Info…

28oz/800g Net Weight


Super Bulky (6)

Suggested 8mm Knitting Needles &  9mm Crochet Hook

100 % Polyester ..Machine Wash and Dryable. As thick as this yarn is.. I would recommend spot cleaning and only wash if necessary as I can see this yarn retaining alot of water and taking forever to spin/dry.


The recommended hook was 9mm and pattern used SC only.

Knowing this and the fact that my tension is usually a little on the tighter side.. I used a 12mm hook and added a row of Triple stitches, every 5 rows. My blanket was not the accurate dimensions. Kinda makes me want to go get another cake and use there pattern and see what I come up with. lol This is something you need to keep in mind.

Their pattern also indicated that gauge was not important.. So depending on your crochet style/ technic you may also end up with a “approx” not a exact size.

Besides my “pickiness” this is a great little packaged deal. Has the yarn for a complete lap blanket along with a pattern. Great for anyone wanting to make a quick little blankie for themselves or as a gift.

You can go to Lion Brand’s Website to order these.. they come in 6 different colors.

I found them at a Walmart store where I live. Walmart does not have them online. Both Stores charge the same price for these.. 24.99.

Lion Brand'sI wanna make a blankie review

Til next time…. Thank you for stopping by and I hope you have a Wonderful Day.


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  1. Good post: yarn reviews are to be grateful for.
    I’m now steering clear of any ‘fancy’ yarns because of that quality you and I have previously ‘discussed’ – the crafter simply can’t SEE what s/he’s stitching.
    Sometimes I think that yarn manufacturers are so keen to turn out a new thing that they have tunnel vision.
    But then again, it could be that I’m just an old grump. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Trends.. Society is stuck on following trends.. Also I believe it is due to so many companies out there now doing the same thing, they are all going way out of the box to be original.


      1. There’s a sort of review of another Lion Brand piece of rubbish – That 70s [something] – that I just read: honestly, people are MAD to even think of trying to use this stuff ! The girl’s site is called Bodhi Life Crochet; although why I can’t imagine. I read it because I thought it was Cat Bodhi ..


  2. I tried the pattern on the cake and it is always lopsided not square can’t figure out what I am doing wrong is there a way to just cast like the widest stitches and do sc until it is the length you want like you would do regular afghans I can’t post a pic or I would


    1. Yes.. I have the same issue when starting in the corners. The blanket measures 33×33 . Chain til you have almost a 33inch long chain. Remember that this yarn is a tad stretchy so measure again after your first row of SC. ( to make sure your at 33 inches) Then just continue sc til you have your measurements of the 33×33


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