Lion Brand’s .. ZZ Twist Yarn – Review


ZZ Twist was released not long ago and I have been working with it on a project for awhile now. I wasn’t to sure about this yarn but the “touch” test told me I needed to try this soft, intriguing yarn.

Twist has been fun and also interesting to work with. Its design kinda reminds me of thin cord with a tiny bit of stretch/ boing to it 😉  which to me was a slight tension challenge at first. Once you get the feel for what the yarn is going to do, you don’t even notice the “stretch” anymore. So lets get down to the nitty gritty of this yarn….

ZZ Twist is a Medium weight yarn ( 4 )

It is recommended to use 4.5mm Needle or a 6mm Hook..

Now I have to pause here… Its not often you run into a yarn that has such a drastic gap between Needle size and Hook size.. hmm I’m not a big knitting person, so any knitter that reads this and trys  this yarn, can you give me a shout out on your thoughts? Thank you 🙂

This “baby” skein is 3.5oz/ 100g & 246yds/225m

It is Machine Washable & Can go in the dryer.. Though you know me.. Wash gentle on cold and I prefer to lay flat to air dry.

ZZ Twist is 100% Acrylic yarn

I found ZZ Twist at my local Hobby Lobby Store.. Price 4.99 but limited colors..There was only 4 colors.

You can go to Lion Brands Website.. Price 4.99 and 18 colors to choose from.


Upside…….This is a soft, fun, easy to care for yarn. Frog’s with no fraying, kinks, etc. Slides effortlessly across your hook and has a light weight feel to it.

Downside.. I would not recommend this for large projects as the skeins are on the small size. The slight “stretchy/boing” to it can be a little challenging to gauge tension.

All in all it is definitely a keep in your stash yarn. Would be great for spring/ summer cowls, Infinity scarves, etc



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