Just alittle “Gnomy” Mandala Tote..


 “Gnomy” Mandala Tote


I’ve had some stash hiding for awhile now because I wanted to do something fun and creative with it… Well that day had arrived. As you might have read before… my prior blog post on Lion Brand Mandala Yarn, I had done a review and I’m absolutely in LOVE with this yarn. I wanted to do something more out of the norm with the yarn but couldn’t figure out what. On my bi-monthly outing to Barnes n Nobles I found a book on Mandala’s.. Mind you I have several already but one can not have enough books on crochet mandala’s 😉 lol As the lady at the register asked me.. Do you crochet?!?! What are you gonna make?? There was that Smack up side the head again haha I was going to incorporate the Mandala yarn some how with the mandala’s. What better way to use Mandala yarn!!! lol  I never really totally plan out my projects. I just start and as I go, it becomes what it does… Hence the “Gnomy” Mandala tote was born.

There are many styles of mandala’s and each actually have a name or purpose, the same as colors generate different feelings and have meanings. So as you choose your mandala be aware of what its purpose is so you can better line up the colors for the mandala.

Lion Brand’s Mandala blend there colors extremely well and their color combinations complement each other not only to the eye but also their effect they give off. Everything about this yarn gives off a pleasing, joyful, energetic and even calming effect. Using this yarn to make a Mandala is just the icing on the cake 🙂


Here is the base of my Mandala Tote. Even in a low light situation this color still Pop and screams look at me. I chose to use a smaller hook that recommended as I wanted to keep that details crisp. I had no issue using that smaller hook, the yarn worked up great.

I used 1 “cake” to do this tote. I would consider this tote to be a “fat” bottom tote. I wanted to make sure I got enough of the Mandala done before repeating and continuing making the tote. I will be trying other Mandala’s and see if I can incorporate and smaller tote without loosing part of the mandala itself.


I did have some left over and didn’t want to waste so I added a fringe. Picture to the left is the tote empty. Picture to the right I stuffed it with 6 full Skeins & a half skein of Lion Brands Homespun 😉 So if ya know Homespun its a fluffy good sized skein. So this is a good sized Tote with 1 cake of Mandala.

I won’t be making a pattern for this as I used a Mandala pattern out of a book…. Mandalas to Crochet by Haafner Linssen. If I get to a point of creating my own, I will definitely write up a pattern 🙂 until then, after I have made a few I will have them up for sale in my etsy store.

So there ya have it.. Lion Brand Mandala Yarn made into a eye popping Mandala “Gnomy” Tote. Ohhh if ya haven’t figured it out yet.. wink wink.. The Name I gave the tote is a “play” off the name of the yarn. I used Gnome 😉 haha Btw I love the names Lion brand has given they Mandala yarns. Too cute.

Wishing Everyone a Wonderful Day … Til Next Time











  1. I love this Sandi! l love your personal design process and I really ❤ this bag!!! I was so excited this weekend when I saw that my local Walmart just started stocking this yarn!! It took me forever to pick out a color combo I wanted to try (without blowing my grocery budget for the week). I grabbed 3 cakes in the Pegasus colors and I'm itching to get my hook into it!! 😀

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