Review.. Walmart’s Mainstay Basic Yarn



Walmart HAS YARN!!

I about flipped a nugget when I found out and immediately ran to my local Walmart to find it!

I had ventured out to grab a few things and as always, my buggy’s have minds of their own and take me down the yarn isle…. Walmart really needs to fix their buggys. This time I was surprised to find the shelves mostly empty. Then I notice they had there “pog” hanging from the shelf’s… OHHHHH I got excited that wallyworld was getting new stock. I post this on my Instagram & Facebook page. One of my fellow crocheting friends comments and informs me Walmart is getting their own line of yarn!!! Before I could send out a thank you I’m in the car racing back to wallyworld to check this out.

I FOUND IT!!! ๐Ÿ™‚




This picture isn’t the best but it gives you a idea of the colors they have so far. I haven’t been back in a few days, I’m giving them time to finish adding the new stuff ๐Ÿ˜‰ We will see what they have when I go back.


See how Red Heart snuck in there >>> ha ha


They don’t have many shades of 1 color but they have quite a few nice looking colors available so far. The Green and Blues are the only ones I found that had at least 2 or more shades. It was hard for me to choose and as always I tend to go for the neutrals so I ended up only getting 2 skeins for the time being. The temptation to buy 1 of each was incredible strong but I promised my self there will be plenty of time to buy more ๐Ÿ™‚

This Review is MY Opinion. Solely mine, I’m not paid, I’m not bias, This is just how I feel and the facts from the information that is before me.


Now the nitty gritty… At first touch, these yarns are on the soft side. They aren’t super soft, its more like what Super Saver feels like now a days. They definitely aren’t scratchy.

These are the 2 colors I purchased..

As you can see They are a 4 weight, 5.5mm hook or needle, yardage 397 which makes it very comparable to “other” yarns. On the outside of the label is states Machine Wash & Dry BUT when you open the label there is a more detailed instructions on this… it’s actually Machine Wash in warm to cool water on Delicate, no bleach. Tumble dry on LOW heat & on Delicate, Do not Iron & Do Not Dry Clean.

Comes with a pattern like most. One pattern is a crochet, the other is knitting. They state on the outside label how much & what color you need for the pattern. This yarn is 100% Acrylic


With all new yarn & with doing reviews I ball up the yarn. By doing this I get to see the consistency, any defects, etc. I wouldn’t want to tell anyone false information. This way I get to see from start to finish with no surprises… we all have had those hidden surprises in a skein or two ๐Ÿ˜‰

While balling this I noticed that the yarn has a “fuzzy” type look to it. Almost like your working with wool.

I also ran into a spot about half way threw the skein that looked alittle tattered. As I continued to pull… out popped the knot. This was not alot of tattering, mainly a few inches before and after the knot, then it went back to normal. This was the only ๐Ÿ˜ฆ oops I ran into. I have not balled up the second color as of yet so I can not tell you for sure if this is very common, slightly common or If I’m just the lucky person that always finds the skeins that have a knot in them hahaha.

I’m in the middle of making a project with this yarn and working with it has been a breeze. It’s easy to frog, keeps shape after frogging and looks warm and furry soft.


These are the squares I’ve been making with the yarn and you can see the texture it gives to this project.


For me, I’m a person that when designing I like to use “cheaper” yarn as I do Frog alot and don’t wanna wreck expensive yarn, This yarn is great. It’s comparable to some expensive yarns, it actually holds up better than some of my more expensive yarn.


It’s soft, Easy to work with, doesn’t catch on hook.. (metal & acrylic were used)

It holds up to abuse, washes & dry’s easy.

Has the look of a wool blend

It’s a basic 4 weight yarn good for many projects

And Who can complain about $1.97 skein of yarn?!?!?


To be completely frank with you the only con I found which really isn’t a big deal was the small section of tattering and the knot.


I do recommend trying this yarn for yourself… It’s a great yarn, just because it is less than 2 bucks does NOT in any way shape or form make this cheap and crappy. It will definitely be in my Stash supply…. as soon as I can make room somewhere or find another hiding spot hahaha ๐Ÿ˜‰

Wishing Everyone a Wonderful Rest of your Week ๐Ÿ™‚

Take care.. til next post






  1. The Walmart in my town doesn’t have it yet. But one of my co-worker at school who also works at a Walmart in another town is going to get some for me. I’m can’t wait to try it out. The squares you made with it are beautiful.

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  2. I like those face masks I’d like to have the patterns any others free patterns thank you God Bless You Reva L Adams at 507 South4th Street apt 1 Terre Haute Indiana 47807


    1. My apologies, Iโ€™m not making a pattern for the masks. The ones I made were to give to family and friends. Iโ€™ve seen several crochet mask patterns available online if you search.
      All my patterns I have for free are on my site. I do not have pdf versions to send out.


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