Review… Yarnspirations Bernat Pop


Yarnspirations Bernat Pop Review

In the world of yarn … Cakes are the rage right now. When ever I’m out and about I see them everywhere. I happened along a sale during the Holiday Season and grabbed a few Bernat Pop cakes. I haven’t tried them before and frankly after the Caron Cakes disappointment I hadn’t really payed attention much to that line. When I first started my Blog I had written a post on Caron cakes but it was lost when I switched domain carriers… I shall have to rewrite that post 😉 So, anyways, I steered clear of purchasing “cakes”.

After using Bernat Blanket yarn for awhile now… which I love, I figured I give Pop a try.


Pop has a very squishable feel to it. It’s a Medium Weight (4), however I find it a tad thicker than normal medium weights. Bernat Pop recommends a 5mm hook or needle. 100% Acrylic, approx. 280yds, 5oz/140g. Machine Wash Cool/ delicate cycle & Machine Dry Low/ Delicate cycle. Do Not Iron or Dry Clean.

Pop is very similar to Caron Cakes. I would classify it as the beefier brother or sister of the family ha ha. I did however run into the same issue, just not as bad as I did with the Caron Cakes. The transition between colors is very abrupt and I found bleed spot here and there as I was working with the yarn. They were more visible in the lighter colors than the darker. I find this unpleasing to the eye. Maybe its me, but I tend to see them immediately when I look at the finished project.


I can handle the abrupt color change as that seems to be what makes these cakes by Yarnspirations unique. However, If I am going to be spending $6+ dollars on a cake of yarn I expect it to not have bleed spots thru-out the cake. Though Pop did not pass my clean variant yarn check list, it did pass the durability test. It can handle several frogging’s and still hold its original shape and texture. It did not fray or get fuzzy. Like I said earlier it does have very squishy feel to it, however, it isn’t very soft. It has a slight roughness to it.

All in all this Pop did abit better than its relative Caron Cakes… To sum it..


Bernat Pop….

Is a very sturdy yarn.. Withheld several froggings

Slightly Thicker than a Normal (4) Weight

Not Super Soft, yet not scratchy

One cake can make a decent sized Scarf

Easy Washing and Drying

Keeps Shape well and does not get “heavy” when making large items.

Colors are vibrant and work well with each other. pleasing to the eye tones.

It is easy to find at several stores…including Walmart, and of course numerous places online.

Would I buy this yarn again?!?! Yes, If a project calls for it 😉


Til Next Time… Have a Great Week 🙂



I’m not affiliated and/or endorsed by any person or company mentioned in this post. This is solely my opinion only. This opinion is based on using the product, how the product preforms during use, etc.

























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