What You Don’t Hear About..Healing Stones & Essential Oils

What do you know about Healing Stones??? Have you done research on them, or just word of mouth?? Same goes for Essential Oils?? Because these 2 topics are not approved by the “government” to provide treatment it’s not forced upon us like pharmaceuticals.

You will find hundreds of site with information on them if you search.. however most of them are personal sites telling you the benefits. But before I state my issue with this…A little of my background with Healing Stones & Essential Oils.


I’ve been drawn to certain stones practically my whole life. Until I hit my 20’s I had no clue that these stone had Metaphysical meanings & abilities. If you are attracted to a certain stone it would benefit you to look up that stones metaphysical property to find out what it is your needing from that stone. I have watched, learned, noted down all the stones I have been drawn to. I had the need to find out why. This was difficult 20yrs ago as the “internet” either hadn’t started yet or was not capable of doing so. I had to do old fashion research. Another stumbling block was… People thought you were off your rocker if you talked about a “rock” having abilities. You just didn’t go around discussing things like that. Now a days … Its totally acceptable to wear, carry and/or discuss healing stones without someone questioning your sanity. You may still run into a person here or there that gives you That Eye when you talk about Stones, but not near as bad as it was.

Now.. I have a site I have been going to for years that I trust. I not only go there because of the massive and detailed metaphysical directory… I also buy stones from them.

Healing Crystals.. yup that simple hahaha They break down and cover everything a stone is used for, what astrological sign it is associated with, etc. Its great.

I have gone to other sites.. most will break it down a bit but not as detailed. The ONE thing I have noticed though with these sites is…

Yes.. they tell you what the stone is used for, what colors, shapes and where it came from.. etc.. etc. But what I don’t see is one of the most important facts you need to know. I’m not sure if this isn’t discussed because they don’t want to discourage you from purchases and/ or trying a stone. I’m not sure but I’m going to…

Healing Stones Are Not Magic!!

Healing Stones do not have the power to completely heal you of your problem. You can’t just hold it, wear it, or carry it and your problem will be solved. Healing stones are used to AID you in solving the problem. This is why it is important to do your research on the stone you are gravitating to or finding the stone you need to assist you in the area you are needing help with. They work with your body’s energies, chakras, etc to work threw the situation.

For an example.. say your feeling down due to alot of negativity around you, people are rambling on to you about all the problems they have or complaining about everything. You body is absorbing that negativity and as a result you are starting to feel negative, which in turn can cause multiple issues with your mind and body. You would need get get some Black Tourmaline, Amazonite or Fluorite. These stones help you to draw that negativity out, to protect you but they can’t just do it for you. By carrying these stone they help the energies within you. By wearing them.. you know they are there, what they are for so it makes you aware of the situation. subconsciously you become constantly aware to let go of the negativity. When you place it in your pocket or put it on… say to yourself. I’m not a negative person, I will not allow negativity in my life. When a situation arises hold that stone for a few minutes repeating in your mind. I let go of negativity, take a large breathe in and exhale all the bad… the stone and your body will start to release it and protect you from it. The stones work with you, they are there as a reminder of what you need help with.. they don’t just fix a problem by themselves.

When looking for a stone or if you are attracted to a stone you also need to be aware of how powerful a stone is. There are multiple stones that can help with the same issue but one of them may have a extra property that you are not aware of. 2 stones that come to mind are  Celestite and Serpentine.. these are very high energy stones. If you are new to healing stone these should be avoided as they could cause unwanted effects that you are not ready to handle.

Be aware.. educate yourself, start with common stones and when in doubt ASK someone that knows stones…. Healers will not look down on you. Thats what healers are for… Helping.

These are a few of my personal stones…. I have several that stay by my bed at night and multiple around the rest of the house. The necklace is one of my favorites I use.. it is Fluorite,Shattuckite, Lava & Howlite.

You can also use healing stone with your furbabies.. just make sure to know the issue your trying to correct and you are using common, low vibration stones…

W.E Koa


They don’t need to be this fancy lol

Koa is just modeling a necklace I had purchased ๐Ÿ˜‰





I have been using essential oils for roughly 10yrs.. I turned diehard user in 2013 when my furbaby Koa spent 4 days in the hospital with a major acute pancreatitis attack. I was intruduced to oils by my sister who is a Shaman/Crystal Therapist/Reiki Practitioner/Massage Therapist to name a few. I was mostly using them as aromatherapy til the hospital visit. Frantic that my baby was not gonna pull threw I contacted my sister for help as using oils on animals was not a thing yet. The doctor said he was stable enough to come home. At that point I started his essential oil treatments…I continued to apply the oils 2 times a day and to the doctors surprise.. he did recover and quicker than she thought. She told me legally she could not say the oils had helped. but she could say… I had to have been doing something right for his quick recovery.. that how horrid this was. I have been using oils on the family topically and aroma wise ever since.

Essential Oils are climbing the popularity ladder fast and furiously over the years. You will find several Essential Oil companies out there.. one of which is Young Living. I used to be a Young Living distributor.. until it became more of a you must sell, pyramid type thing. I am a educator not a door to door salesman push you to buy something. Now, don’t get me wrong I still prefer Young Living oils over any other brand. I trust the oils… I just don’t like they way they operate. Do Terra is another bigger name out there, havent tried them. I have however tried NOW. They can be found at GNC and down at my little natural supplies store.

People will tell you the more expensive, the better the oil.. True to a point. IF you are purchasing a pure oil, you want the 1st distillation, which is expensive. Young Living is on the expensive side but their oils are pure and guaranteed. NOW brand is cheaper.. but just because its cheaper doesn’t mean its crap.. The reason being is NOW will take oils that are the expensive one and cut them with a carrier oil. Thus this reduces the price.

I saw the look on your face.. but wait..here is the reason why I said that….

If you know oils or your “distributor” explains to you… You will know there are Several Oils you MUST NEVER PLACE on YOUR SKIN without using a carrier oil!!! Example..

Frankincense.. The oil of the Egyptian Gods. This oil is insanely expense for a pure bottle of oil. Your gonna pay threw Y.L. for 15ml almost $100.00 but you can get a 30ml of NOW brands for 10.00… WTH right?!?!?! Well here’s the breakdown that most sites are not telling you. Frankincense is a powerful oil. You can NOT apply it straight from the bottle. You have to cut it with a carrier oil.. Well that just made the 100.00 to 130.00+ cause you gotta by carrier oil. NOW brand automatically cuts the frankincese with grapeseed oil ( which is a light almost greaseless oil) So you can use it straight out of the bottle, no measuring. So you see just because its cheaper doesn’t necessarily make it bad. Do your research on the company before you purchase.

Another thing about essential oils that is not openly talked about is… Essential oils is not a quick fix. This is natural plant extracts…they take time to work.They have to be absorbed threw the body. Depending on what you are trying to heal it could take a few hours or maybe a few weeks…. but it will work. You have to have patience when working with oils.

Your working with Mother Earth’s natural medicine. Medicine that the Ancients used. Respect it.. it can help you or it can harm you. Ask questions, do research, Don’t just buy a bottle and go to town with it. Safety first. Not all oils are good for Animals.. there is just a handful w/ major dilution that can be used. Using the wrong oils or not properly diluting can cause serious harm to animals. Pregnant woman should avoid oils. Children can use oils but again be very cautious and make sure your diluting what needs to be diluted… You Can Burn a Person/ Child With Oils.





One of my storage shelf for oils ๐Ÿ™‚









What it comes down to for Healing Stones & Essential Oils is.. They are healers, they can be used by themselves or both together. They are not magic. Healing Stones are assistants & Essential Oils take time. Are they better than pharmaceuticals… YES!! They are made from Mother Earth and do not have all the complications. You need to be knowledgeable of what you are using.. do research, ask questions. Don’t believe 100% on one specific site &/or person.. Take the time to get multiple opinions. Depending on your condition, when using Oils, ASK your Doctor, some oils do not work well with drugs or treatments a doctor has you on. When in doubt Ask.









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