Hi, I’m Sandi
Creator & Owner of Wulfie’s Essentials..
I’m a Crochet Lover, Blogger, Crafter, Healing Stone & Essential Oil Diehard.
I Respect Mother Nature, Speak my Truth & Honor my Guides.

I take life one day at a time & always…..
Live, Love, Laugh & Repeat. 🙂



Fiber Arts

was founded on the basis of all that I love. Wanting to share this love and desire of my “maker” life with all. WulfiesEssentials is primarily Crochet due to a over whelming Love for Yarn 😉 but I do enjoy and love.. Macrame, Sewing, Ceramics & DIY’s.

WulfiesEssentials has a down to earth motto. Life is not always perfect.. Things don’t always go as planed. I don’t hide my flaws, I learn and grow from them.There is always room for improvement,

Thank You for taking the time to Visit 🙂