The Journey Continues

First, I would Love to Thank each and everyone that has visited, liked, shared and stuck with me this last year and a half.

No… I didn’t give up or get bored. Crochet is my passion, it what keeps me sane and I enjoy it so very much. Its been a wild ride these last almost 20 months. When I last posted, I had just been hired for a “Part-Time” job. The next thing I knew was Covid started and I was working insane hours. If I wasn’t working, I was dead on the couch to tired and sore to even think about picking up a crochet project. Work wasn’t the only hurdles to deal with either.. There was family stress…. Worrying about the kids, family & friends that live far away from us… not to mention.. We lost 2 relatives this past year 😒 It has been challenging yet at the same time an eye opener to what is really important in our lives.

Even as I sit here writing this post.. Covid and its not so wonderful variants are at it again. This time however I will not allow it to “control” my life. I have left my job, for now and will be devoting my time to the things I love and make me happy. Its time to shed the worry, pain, uncertainty and live for today. With that being said… There are many new things I’m planing for.. Many more reviews, patterns in the making, possible video tutorials and moving my site to a new host ❤️ The thought of moving my website has terrified me for a while but economically speaking it will be the best.. We must face our fears and welcome the challenges 😁 So when the time comes.. bare with me as I stumble threw it for a bit.

I will definitely give a shout out prior to the switch. The site may be down for a day or so.. hoping not at all but really not completely sure how this goes and you can never be 100% certain everything goes as planned. Til then keep an eye out for a review or 2.

I wish everyone great things and happy days… Take care, be safe and see you soon!

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