Review.. Caron Simply Soft Tweeds Yarn


Caron Simply Soft Tweeds


I had originally purchased this yarn a few years back. It grabbed my attention, as it was so unique and of course I bought a few skeins with no real plan on what to use it with, sooo its been sitting around.

This was our first winter in about 4 years that It actually got down right cold and snowed a few times. I was on the hunt for cold weather yarn in my stash when I stumbled upon my skeins of Tweed. Is it bulky … No, not really but I had a new stitch I wanted to learn and thought that the Tweed would actually work well.

My thoughts were correct. This yarn is so versatile!! You can use a bulky type stitch to make a “thick”, warm garment… or use a normal stitch for your average day and a open mesh type stitch for those warmer days. This yarn is super soft, has a nice flow to it, doesn’t get super weighted down. Before I get too carried away lets get the technical stats done first…


As you can see by the picture above…

This is a Medium Weight (4), Made with 97% Acrylic & 3% Viscose

(Viscose is a semi-synthetic type of rayon fabric made from wood pulp.)

5oz /141g …  240yards / 219m

Recommended Hook 5mm , Knitting Needle 5mm

This is a Machine Washable and Dryable. As I usually state, I would wash with delicate laundry soap, cold water and lay flat. If you need to dry in dryer .. Low setting. With any article of “clothing” you want it to preserve it as well as possible.

Tweeds comes in 2 colors.  Grey Heather, Taupe and Off White. It can be found ..

Online at.. Yarnspirations

Online & Store.. Joann’s , Micheals and Walmart

When I got into my project with the yarn I realized I was going to need more. I was alittle concerned as most of the places I looked were completely out or only had one color. I was however able to find what I needed at Joanns, but this brings to mind… Are they going to be discontinuing this yarn. The date on one of the skeins I already had was 11/2017 eeekkkk

I have searched all over the internet and could not find anything stating Tweed was going to be discontinued, however I have checked and it still seems places are low in stock or out of stock. I really hoping its do to our shelter in place during Covid-19.

The reason I’m a little distraught is I really like this yarn. The look of it was what grabbed my attention so much and the softness got me hooked.

Left picture shows you a close up of the “tweed” effect in this yarn. Its soft little tufts of yarn here and there throughout the skein. Some are small and tight into the yarn strand, others are bigger and loosey goosey. It gives character to this yarn.

The right picture is a break down of the yarn. There is a main ( little thicker) strand that is alittle fuzzy and it is surrounded by a few thinner and smoother strands. The yarn is then basically twisted up together.

Because this is a twisted together type yarn, those that plan to do small, tighter stitches may get alittle upset at this yarn. It does tend to split easily as you work with it. It does not however do it when your doing looser/ big stitches. *Note.. I’m notorious for tight stitches, Its just the way I’ve always crocheted. Could be my tension or the way I hold yarn & hook… no clue, it’s just me lol *

With that being said, I did not have any other cons to this yarn. Well I take that back… maybe a few more colors lol


Neutral color with speckles of brown, white and what I’m going to call rust making this yarn fun, stylish and unique.

Soft… did I mention its soft? lol Its snuggly, feel good on your skin kinda soft. This twist type yarn also allows for a little give. Its not much of a stretch but there is a tad.

Durable… With stood several froggings and did not split, fray or get tangled up. It handled going threw my washer and about 20 mins of medium heat dryer time. It did not “warp” the stitches, loose any color, etc. Basically came out looking the way it did going in.

I laid my project flat to finish drying. It did take over night but I believe it was also due to the type of stitch I used.

All in all.. This yarn has earned a spot in my permanent stash section. I will be restocking it, hopefully, when I find them available. I will also update this post If I do find out this yarn will no longer be made.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you Have a Wonderful Day


Caron Simply Soft Tweed


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  1. Sandi, your yarn reviews are really, really useful. It could be said that you’re doing the knitting and crochet community a hugeservice .. so I’ll say it !
    Irritating, ain’t I ?!
    But I do mean it ..

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