YarnBee’s – Arabella Yarn Review


Those of you that have gone or go to Hobby Lobby have probably seen Yarn Bee yarns. Yarn Bee is a Hobby Lobby only brand. Most stores now a days have store specific brand now.

I have played around with a few Yarn Bee yarns over the years but until recently, the yarns were stiff and … well just not that pleasing to feel. I’m noticing more vibrant colors, gradient yarns, yarns with wool, cotton mix yarns, etc in the Yarn Bee line in the recent year.

This Spurred my recent purchase of the Arabella. This mostly cotton, little balls of gorgeous color combos was a must try.


As you can see there is 10 different color combos in .. What I’m gonna call Donut Skeins. Lets Get into the Technical stoof first before I tell ya what its like to work with.

Soo.. Yarn Bee.. Found at all Hobby Lobby Store and Online at HobbyLobby.com


As you can see above..

3.5 oz/ 100 g weight..105 yds / 96 meters

This Yarn is considered Bulky (5)

55% cotton/ 45% acrylic .. And I did check out the see if the White was the cotton and Colored is Acrylic… No .. it is a blend in both strands

5.5 mm Knitting Needles / 6.5 mm Crochet hook

You Can machine wash.. Gentle, cold water. Lay Flat to dry.

The “Donuts” run 4.99 each .. Hobby Lobby always has a 40% off coupon or you can wait til they have 30% off yarn sale

I do wish the skeins were a bit bigger. I made this scarf with 4 skeins and some extra cotton yarn I had laying around for the tassels.

This yarn isn’t super soft but it does feel nice around your neck. I thought this might end up being very heavy but it isn’t too bad nor is it stiff in anyway. The yarn has a nice give to it to lay nicely when draped. Stitches are not lost and most that I tried looked great. Frogging was easy, though, if you pull too fast it does tend to get a little fuzzy texture here and there.

The yarn is made with 2 strands, a plain “natural” white and then the color changing strand. These 2 strands are twisted together with a single, very small white cord.


I worked this yarn with recommended needle size, 1 size smaller hook and a few larger hook sizes. All worked fantastic. Still being able to see the stitches correctly. I would not go any smaller than 1 size below recommended as it was starting to “mash” the stitches together and the project would not lay flat.

All in all, I liked working with this yarn and am considering adding it to my stash for more scarf projects. It might even work well as a weaving yarn.. especially the color combos in this yarn.. I can see a beautiful weave wall hanging project.


Thanks for stopping by.. Hope you have a Wonderful Day, Take care and see you next time

Yarn Bee Arabella


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  1. Sounds nice but short. 😀
    Listen, Sandi – do you know of a yarn that’s tightly spun so that it’s hard to split with one’s needles, and yet is soft enough to have some drape ? I’m searching for brioche-suitable, but because I don’t like knitting with lace weight, am scratching me ancient bonce on this one ..


  2. Off hand .. Shawl in a ball comes to mind.. But I’m sure I can find some other options. What weight are you thinking you would like to use, and do you want gradient or solids? any particular type of yarn? acrylic?, wool?, cotton?


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