Velvet the Hippo… Free Pattern





Velvet is a soft, lovable plushie. She is approx 9 inches tall, made with Lion Brand’s Vel-Luxe yarn and has a optional scarf. Who wouldn’t love this chunky little gal as a gift♥

Velvet is made “in the round”, using Magic Circles. There is increasing and decreasing of stitches. She is made up in parts and sewn together. There is a “optional” scarf made with Lion Brand’s Go for Faux yarn. You can use any brand of yarn as long as it is the same weight ( 4 medium).


What you will need….

1 skein Vel- Luxe yarn… Dusty Pink ( or your choice)

If you choose to make a scarf… Scrap yarn ( 4-5 yards should be enough) I had left over Go for Faux I used but you can use any kind.

5mm hook

*for scarf use recommend hook for yarn used.*

2 safety eyes… 18mm

Stuffing.. I used Poly-Fil Ultra Plush. 12 oz bag .. you will have left over. I found it at my local Walmart

Scissors, Stitch Markers, Tapestry needle and scissors


MC = Magic Circle

CH. = Chain

SC = Single Crochet

HDC = Half Double Crochet

HDC2TOG = Half Double Crochet 2 Stitches Together

SS = Slip Stitch

SK = Skip Stitch


Number in front of a Stitch type “2HDC” = do 2 HDC’s in 1 stitch

Number behind a Stitch type ” HDC3″ = Do that many across, (HDC the next 3 stitches)

(number) = The total stitches in that round

* Number/times* = how many times to do the set of stitches

When told to leave a tail.. For arms and legs leave approx 6 inch tail, for Body leave approx 10 inches for sewing the pieces to the body. It is always better to have a little extra then not enough.



Starting with the Body first… *Remember to place a stitch marker in the first stitch made in each round so you can keep track of your rounds.*


MC, 8HDC in loop

Round 1.)  2HDC around  (16)

Round 2.) HDC1 – 2HDC around  (24)

Round 3.) HDC2 – 2HDC around (32)

Round 4.) HDC3 – 2HDC around (40)

Round 5.) HDC4 – 2HDC around (48)

Round 6.) HDC5 – 2HDC around (56)

Round 7.) HDC6 – 2HDC around (64)

Round 8 – 13.) HDC around

Round 14.) HDC4 – HDC2TOG *8 times*   HDC any remaining stitches

Round 15 – 17.) HDC around

Round 18.) HDC4 – HDC2TOG * 8 times*

Round 19 – 22.) HDC around

Round 23.) HDC4 – HDC2TOG * 7 times*

Round 24.) HDC around

Round 25.) HDC3 – HDC2TOG  * 7 times*

Round 26.) HDC around

Round 27.) HDC2 – HDC2TOG * 7 times*

Round 28.) HDC2 – HDC2TOG * 6 times*

Start to stuff body.. about 3/4th full.. pack it fairly tight

Round 29.) HDC2 – HDC2TOG * 4 times*

Cut long tail and pull loop out of stitch… Weave end thru each stitch around and pull slowly and carefully til hole closes. Add more stuffing if need as you close so that the closed hole lays flat, don’t over stuff to where the closed end sticks up.

Do not cut or hide the tail end.. set aside to sew head onto later.


MC, SC8 into loop

Round 1.) 2SC around (16)

Round 2.) 2SC – SC around (24)

Round 3.) 2SC – SC2  around (32)

Round 4.) 2SC – SC3 around (40)

Round 5.) 2SC – SC4 around (48)

Round 6.) SC around

Round 7- 12.) HDC around

Round 13.) HDC4 – HDC2TOG *8 times*

Round 14.) HDC  around

Round 15.) HDC4 – HDC2TOG *7 times*

Round 16.) HDC around

Round 17.) HDC2 – 2HDC *11 times*

Round 18.) HDC around

Round 19.) HDC4 – HDC2TOG *7 times*

Round 20 -21.) HDC around

Round 22.) HDC4 – HDC2TOG *6 times*

Round 23.) HDC3 – HDC2TOG *6 times*

Stuff half way.. Insert Eyes in approx 2 to 3 rows down from current working row and 6 stitches apart. If you would like her eyes closer together or farther apart you can do so. Feel free to personalize your Hippo.

Round 24.) HDC3 – HDC2TOG *5 times*

Round 25.) HDC around

Round 26.) HDC2 – HDC2TOG *5 times*

Round 27.) HDC – HDC2TOG *6 times*

Cut leaving a small tail to sew hole closed.. Finish Stuffing, Make sure not to over stuff where the decrease row area is.. you want that part to indent alittle. Weave end thru each stitch ( at the top of hole) and pull hole closed.. tie off and hide end.


Back/ Bottom Legs – Make 2


Round 1.) 8HDC into loop

Round 2.) 2HDC around (16)

Round 3.) 2HDC – HDC1 (24)

Round 4.) 2HDC – HDC2 (32)

Round 5- 6.) HDC around

Round 7.) HDC – HDC2TOG  *10 times* HDC remaining

Round 8.) HDC around

Round 9.) 2HDC – HDC *10 times* HDC remaining

Round 10.) HDC

Round 11.) HDC4 – HDC2TOG *5 times*

Round 12 – 15.) HDC

Round 16.) HDC5 – HDC2TOG *3 times*

Round 17.) HDC

Leave a tail for sewing, Do not Close, Stuff, set aside for sewing later.

Front/Top LEGS….make 2


Round 1.) HDC 6

Round 2.) 2HDC around (12)

Round 3.) 2HDC – HDC around (18)

Round 4 – 5.) HDC around

Round 6.) HDC – HDC2TOG *6 times*

Round 7.) HDC around

Round 8.) 2HDC – HDC *6 times*

Round 9 – 12.) HDC

Round 13.) HDC4 – HDC2TOG *3 times*

Round 14.) HDC7, SC, Turn, SK the SC, HDC7, SC, SS

Leave a tail for sewing, Do not close, Stuff and set aside for sewing.

EARS… make 2

This is not done in the round.. this is done in rows

MC  …. When making MC make sure to leave a tail for sewing

Row 1.) HDC4 into loop, Pull loop closed

Row 2.) Ch.1, turn, 2HDC, HDC, HDC, 2HDC

Row 3.) Ch.1, turn, HDC6

Row 4.) Ch.1, turn, HDC, HDC, HDC2TOG, HDC, HDC

Finish off .. Leaving a tail for sewing, set aside for sewing

Nostrils.. make 2


Round 1.) SC6    (6)

Round 2.)  2SC around (12)

Round 3.) Doing Front Loop Only.. SS around

Fasten off,  Leave a small tail for sewing



This is not a exact procedure. If you want the legs closer, then place them closer. If you want the both facing forward then you can do it.. Personalize your Hippo the way you would like.

Start with bottom/back legs and work up.

I placed the legs .. starting 5 rows up from the base of body. The top of leg should be approx 11 rows up from base Legs are spaced 8 stitches apart. You can use stitch markers on these rows and stitches as a guide while sewing then on.

The Arms.. Starting at the top part of the arm.. This will be the little angled section. This angled section allows for the arms to point downward a little instead of sticking straight out from body. I placed top of arm starting approx. 6 rows down from top of body and 11 stitches apart from each other.

Sew Ears and Nostrils on before attaching the head to body.

Ears..   3 rows down for one – 4 rows down for the other, from top of head and I did 8 stitches apart.. I made them off centered from each other to give her a quirky look. If you want her ears even.. make sure they are on the same amount of rows down from top and spaced a even number.

Nostrils… Center of Nostril should be on row 9 from center of bottom of head. They are spaced 7 stitches apart from each other.

Optional Scarf…


1.) SC 2 into loop

2.) Ch.1, turn, 2SC in each stitch

3.) Ch.1, turn, SC across

Repeat #3 til you scarf is 15 inches long

4.) Ch.1, turn, SC, SC2TOG, SC

5.) Ch.1, turn, SC2TOG

Fasten off and add a small fringe to each end

Til Next Pattern… Thank you for stopping by♥ Have a great week!!


Velvet the Hippo Free Pattern



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