That 70s Yarn.. Review and Free Pattern


That 70s Yarn!!

Review & Free Pattern

Just gonna start by saying… Micheals is a dangerous store if your trying to “slim” down your stash lol… When I find new yarns, I’m usually not actually looking BUT this time I was on the hunt for something. We are in the process of making a “man cave” for my hubby. I have a craft room so its only fair he gets a man cave lol  I wanted to make him a lap blanket that .. One- would match his theme & Two – would keep him warm but still be man cave worthy lol

Micheals was having a great after xmas sale and coupons to boot.. On the way to the yarn sections, conveniently located at the very back corner of the store.. Here was a display in the center isle loaded with That 70’s yarn.. The colors immediately screamed out to me and the texture took me back thru memory lane of the Shag carpets in the house as I was growing up.. Bonus .. It also made me think of Austin Powers movies, which the hubby likes lol.. The perfect yarn… Then I came out of dream land and pondered how difficult this yarn was going to be to work with. The fact that I was saving quite abit, i figured what the heck.

Lets get the technical part out of the way…

3.5 oz/100g

38 yds/ 35m

This is a Super Bulky ( 6 ) … Though you would not think it is because of the “shag” texture

13mm Knitting Needles.. 19 mm Crochet Hook

95 % Acrylic / 5 % Polyester … Machine Wash.. Lay flat to dry


I’ve been working with alot of “difficult” yarns lately but I was determined to not prejudge this yarn. When I started my pattern I originally used the recommended hook.. I got the chain and about 10 stitches in on my first row and  I didn’t like it. It wasn’t the yarn look, it was the fact it was just too big of a hook for this project. After going down a couple sizes.. it surprising was working up quickly. 

As you can see by the photos above.. there is a black string that the “shag” is attached too. This made finding my stitches much easier. I still had to use my non- hook hand occasionally to “feel” for a stitch but all in all .. it was fairly easy.

To my surprise frogging this yarn was easier than I thought also. I was cringing at first thinking this shag texture was going to be a nightmare.. it actually came apart quite easily. I did have a stitch here and there that stuck a little but with a little stretching of the yarn.. it came loose immediately.

Speaking of stretch.. This yarn has NO stretch. However, depending on the stitch you use, it can be quite stretchy. The lap blanket I made has a good amount of stretch to it.


So far I haven’t had any real down sides to this yarn.. but as you look at the photo above, I do have a couple points to make that I was not pleased about. That knot was not made by me. I found at least  one knot in each skein I used. Good thing is the texture of this yarn hides the knot very well if don’t want to mess with taking the knot out. I worked around these knots due to another reason.. which I’ll discuss shortly, 

I can handle knots.. they really aren’t that bad but my issue with these knots was they were not “color blended”. This is a very smooth and subtle variegated yarn that cycles threw the colors, where they joined the strands was blunt and no where close to the same colors. This in-turn had me repeating the same colors in some places. You can see if you look at the picture of the blanket that there are some sections that have larger amount of one color here and there. Ohh and I had made sure I purchased all the same lot number.. that kinda didn’t make a difference.

Now to my final little disappointment. I knew these skeins where not that big but turns out they were smaller than I had originally thought. The measurements of the lap blanket is 33×35 and it took 8 skeins * gasp*. Making anything “large” with this yarn will cost a good chunk of money. The skeins run 7.99 each. If it was not for the fact I saved a good chunk of money for the skeins threw the sale and coupons.. I probably would not be doing this review.


This was a fun yarn.. Not to difficult to work with, texture is amazing and fun. Price is a bit steep in my opion but if you wait for sales and/or have coupons its worth it. This yarn would be great for lap blankets and small floor mats for the sides of your or children’s beds. 

You can find it on Lion Brands Website .. 8 color combos to choose from. Price 7.99 each

The Micheals in my town carries it, so you can check one near you.. Mine did not have all the color combos but with Sales and Coupons, you can get the skeins for cheaper.


Link to Simple  ” That’s Groovy” Lap Blanket .. HERE

That 70s Yarn Review n Free Pattern


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  1. Well, dang my hide ! – you have succeeded in amazing me, Sandi ! 🙂 It’s not that I would ever contemplate using this yarn, but that you were able to, and even enjoyed doing so.
    Your usual competent reviewing that includes all necessary input.
    Goodonyermateyoulittlebeauty !

    Liked by 1 person

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