The Caribbean Ruana Collection

The Caribbean Ruana Collection



This Ruana Collection spawned from the overwhelming response to The Carribean Ruana I made a few years back. 

I was asked about other sizes, how other yarns would work with the pattern, etc. This sparked my curiosity.. hmmmm So began my little collection. 

In this post you will learn about the differences between the 3 Ruanas along with a link straight to the pattern itself.


The Caribbean ….


had just purchased a new yarn by Red Heart Yarn.. Ombre approx. 482yds. Ombre is a acrylic yarn but I loved the colors yet at the time I didn’t know what I was going to use the yarn for so… I only purchased one skein. That left me with coming up with a pattern that used just 1 skein. I want to try something that would be wearable for the last few weeks of summer. I never made a ruana before and a traditional length/size would have required more skeins plus be too warm for summer. So the Caribbean Ruana was born…

The Caribbean is a shorter, just off the shoulders ruana. Running about a Size 6/7 ( Small/ maybe a medium) 

The stitch used was a V stitch with a “granny” type stitch around the edges. (you will need a separate small skein of contrast color for the border around this ruana.) I loved how the color of the yarn popped out with this pattern and the texture was to die for 😉

So if your looking for a small summer ruana .. this is it. Bright, airy, great for day or night. Pattern found HERE


The Bimini..



The Bimini Ruana.. The second in my collection. Still wanting to keep the unique, not standard ruana size, the Bimini is a longer and a few inches wider off the shoulder than the Caribbean. I also wanted to go with a cotton yarn. Most 100% cotton I found where stiff and bulky .. unless you went to the more expensive mercerized cottons. then I found Yarn Bee Sugarwheel Cotton yarn. It had everything I was looking for.. 100% cotton, Lightweight (3) and reasonable priced. This pattern requires 4 Cakes of Sugarwheel, approx. 1,340yds.

Bimini used the same stitches as the Caribbean, omitting the border, adding length and width. Even with the added length and width I was surprised to notice it wasn’t much heavier than the Caribbean and still had a flowing movement to it.

The Bimini would be a Medium/ Large in size. Still great for those last days of summer into fall… The Pattern can be found HERE


The Barbados…



The Barbados.. Last in this little collection. It may be last but its the brightest, lightest and widest of all three ruana’s. This ruana for length… is longer than The Caribbean but shorter than The Bimini. I also used a yarn that is a combination of both ruana’s… I didn’t mean too, it just happened ha ha ha I used Yarn Bee’s Urban Chic. It is a Acrylic/Cotton mix yarn, skeins are a bit on the small size 284yds per skein. 

Barbados uses 6 skeins w/no border… So keep in mind if you want to add a border grab a 7th skein. Again this patterns core is the same… V-stitch and a couple rows of “granny” type stitches. The beginning Chain count and the amount of rows differs along with a smaller “short row” neckline. Barbados is approx. a Large/Plus Size.

The Pattern can be found HERE.


Which ever pattern you choose.. keep in mind the V-Stitch gives these ruana’s a “stretch” to them. If you choose a different yarn than I used.. Make sure it is the same weight. The purpose behind me using alot larger than recommend hook size is to give the ruana’s a airy, free flowing ability. Using the same weight, but different brand “should” give you the same results.


Have a Wonderful Day and If you have any questions.. Feel Free to contact me



The Caribbean Ruana Collection



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  1. Hi I’m wanting to make the barbedos for my mother in law but she’s a little on the larger side. How big is this? If I would need it bigger what would be the best way to proceed with it?


    1. The Barbados Ruana pattern would probably be more of what you want then. The Caribbean is the smallest. And the Bimini is long on me and I’m 5’9. When you complete the chain( of whatever ruana you pick) lay the chain over your shoulder to see how the length hangs. You can adjust, but make sure you have an even number +1 ( you should have a single Dc at the beginning and end of chain w/ V- Stitch in between)
      Hope this helps


      1. I did what you said. I chained the 202 for the Bimini and it didn’t go past my butt. I’m going to chain 302 and see if that works for length.


      2. I did a total of 302 chains. Would you be able to let me know what my count would be for the neck area and how many chains I should do after row 39?


      3. Ok lets see.. First, you will not change how many rows the neck section is.. all you will be doing is adding stitches. Since you have 302, it should be half of that, so 151. When you get to row 39, you will chain 151 so you will have a total of 302 and your sides will match.
        If your also going to make it wider.. add your rows before and after the neck section. Be sure to keep track of how many extra rows you do on the first half as you will need to add the same amount on the other side.


  2. I just found your collection, and they’re all beautiful! It always makes me happy to see if fellow crocheting enthusiast work. I do have a question I absolutely love the color scheme on the Barbados hey, do you remember which color scheme it was? Thanks for putting these out there!


    1. Thank you so much! Sorry for the delay, I was doing research and it appears they no longer have the exact color of urban chic I used☹️ the mint is closest to the blue I used.


      1. No worries thanks for getting back to me! I was thinking that I was going through and trying to find something close to it I hate it when they discontinue yarn colors there should just be infinite infinite unending always no discontinuing haha


      2. So true.. and it seems in the last year this is happening a lot quicker. Lots of new yarns coming out and my old favs are disappearing. They are responsible for my yarn hoarding🙈😂


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