Yarn Bee – Turin Review & Pattern


I first saw Turin last summer & thought it was a neat looking yarn. I proceeded to pick it up, feel it, examine it… then I saw the price tag.. eeekk 19.99. I carefully put it back on its shelf, as at that time I couldn’t see spending 20.00 on yarn I had no clue what I was gonna do with it. I found myself in-front of the display staring at this yarn every time I made a trip to Hobby Lobby. Then, I say around Thanksgiving.. The Yarn Gods granted me my wish. It was ON SALE 🙂 It was buy 1 get 50% second, plus their usually 40% off a item coupon. I did the calculations and to my delight I came home with 2 skeins of Turin 🙂

I decided on making floor mats with this yarn. It seemed sturdy enough along with being a pleasant feel on bare feet. Excited to get started I jump in full force. I was pleased to know that 1 skein makes a decent sized mat.


The rectangular mat measures Approx 26 X 19 inches… The round is approx 26 inches round. They are great for smaller areas. Ofcourse if you are wanting a larger mat you will need more than one skein. The skeins themselves do not look like that have alot of yarn to them… reason I had purchased 2 but while making the first mat, the yarn just kept spitting outta the skein.. Like I said pleasantly surprised.

The Technical Stoof…

Turin comes in a few different color schemes. There is 6 total. The yarn I choose was Granite

Net WT.. 17.6oz .. 270yds

75% Acrylic, 15% Nylon, 10% Wool … Hand wash cool water.. lay flat to dry

Recommended 10mm Hook/ Needle

The Good, Bad and Ugly…

This yarn is on the soft side. Colors are very nice and transition well. Did not run into any tied together “ends” in either skein I used, they were one continuous strand.


Above is a strand of the yarn for illustration

The outer fiber is spun onto a decent sized foundation strand. The outer fiber appears to be tightly woven but working with it you can feel it “slide” slightly on the foundation strand.

When working with this yarn.. I recommend knowing exactly what your going to do with it and/or have a pattern ready for it. Frogging this yarn was a living nightmare. It catches on itself and you must undo each stitch individually 😦  Hiding ends is also on the frustrating side as the outer layer of the yarn slides and bunches up on you as your weaving the end in. I found wetting and twisting the outer layer of the yarn slightly before weaving helped alittle.


Anything that requires pulling the yarn threw stitches, like hiding ends, making a magic circle( yeah does not work at all), etc, bunches up the yarn.

When all is said and done… I don’t hate this yarn, it was abit of a challenge and great learning experience. However, Im not sure I would say I love this yarn either. It got me out of my comfort zone which is great but truthfully, Id rather not deal with the hassel it creates…  If I need to replace or need more floor mats, I would buy this yarn, just for that reason but its not one that would be kept in stock on my favorites stash shelf.

If ya would like to give this yarn a try ….Below you will find the pattern for the Round floor mat…


Round Floor Mat Pattern


This pattern is done in the round, continuous rows. It is not your basic circle, as with changing of types of stitches used it requires a little tweaking.

The Border used with this pattern is the Crab Stitch (reverse single crochet)


The crab stitch gives a sturdy edge to this rug as to prevent fraying from use.


  • SC = Single Crochet
  • DC = Double Crochet
  • HDC = Half Double Crochet
  • Ch. = Chain
  • SM = Stitch Marker

What you will need..

  • 12mm Hook
  • 1 Skein of Yarn Bee Turin .. Your Choice of Color
  • Stitch Marker
  • Large Tapestry Needle & Scissors



Chain 4

Slip Stitch into First Ch.   (to form circle)

1.) Ch.1, 8SC into Circle .. ( you will be placing a SM in the first stitch made.. repeat this as you go around to keep track of rows)

2.) No Ch. , 2DC in each stitch around.

3.) 2DC – DC around

4.) 2DC  each stitch around

5.) *2HDC – HDC 3*, repeat* to * 10 times, 2HDC…..HDC remaining

6. & 7.) HDC around

8.) *2HDC – HDC 3*  repeat * to * around

9.) HDC around

10.)*2DC – DC 4* , Repeat * to * around, DC any remaining

11.) DC 4, 2DC, * DC 5 – 2DC*, Repeat *to* around

12.) DC 5, 2DC, *DC 6 – 2DC* Repeat *to* around DC any remaining

13.) 2HDC, HDC all remaining

14.&15.) HDC around

16.) 2HDC, HDC 58, 2HDC, HDC remaining

17.) *2SC – SC 4* Repeat *to* around.

Row 18 is your border… SC in first stitch of the round, CH.1, Then Crab Stitch around, Slip Stitch into Ch.1 , Fasten off, and carefully hide end.

Thank you for Visiting Today.. Any questions please contact me. Have a Great Week 🙂




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  1. It’s been a while since you shared this review so I don’t know if you’ll see this. I bought one skein of this yarn in Turin sherbet when I was pregnant. My plan was to make a baby blanket although I’m not very experienced with crocheting. Since it was 19.99 at the time I only bought one and thought I would see how it went before buying more. I ended up with carpal tunnel midway through my pregnancy and I’m now six months after having baby. I decided to start this project back up and I am seeing that the yarn is not available anywhere anymore. I was wondering if you have any ideas of baby things that I could make with it? I was thinking I would just carefully disassemble what I had started even though that makes me sad. I was wondering if you have any ideas of baby things that I could make with it? I was thinking I would just carefully disassemble what I had started even though that makes me sad. I needddd to make something with this beautiful yarn. 😭


    1. I’m so sorry to hear about your wrist😔 Glad you are feeling better and Congratulations on your little bundle of joy😁Unfortunately I’m not too up to date on baby items. Maybe you could get a complimentary color in Turin that goes with the sherbet and do maybe a two toned blanket🤔 Maybe just doing a crochet baby items search in Pinterest.. there’s always something on there.


  2. Hello, I am making the above rug in the round. I was curious if you had any advice or a pattern to make this larger. I am waiting to increase the size by another skein. I love the look of this pattern. I just wanted a bigger rug. I’m also a beginner and very new to reading patterns, and am super please with how easy and fast this patter is. Any advise would be GREATLY appreciated 😀


    1. Hello and Thank you.. To make a larger rug, you will need to continue to make “increasing ” rows to keep it flat.
      The pattern … is a repetitive 3 rounds of DC, then 5 rounds of HDC. Keep this in mind as you continue.
      After row 16.. you will need to do another HDC round.
      Starting the next round ( row18) you will go back to DC’s for 3 rounds. then go to HDC’s for 5 rounds… keep repeating this pattern til your almost finished with your second skein. Leave enough yarn to do the original 2 remaining rounds .
      As far as increasing to keep your rug flat.. each round of DC’s you will start with 2DC’s, DC60, 2DC and then DC remaining stitches… this should be enough to keep your rug from curling and lay flat.
      I know this probably may sound confusing and if it does, I’m so sorry.
      You could also look up In the Round Circle rug crochet patterns… you maybe able to find a larger size pattern to follow.
      Off hand I can not think of any other crocheter I know of that has a pattern to refer you too.


  3. I’m still pretty new to reading patterns, so could you just tell me if I have this accurate with the numbers? That would be greatly appreciated! I hope my question makes sense.

    5.) *2HDC – HDC 3*, repeat* to * 10 times, 2HDC…..HDC remaining

    Does this mean 2 Half Double in one stitch, then 1 Half Double into the next 3 stitches?

    2HDC, HDC 58, 2HDC, HDC remaining

    Does this mean 2 Half Double, 1 Half Double into the next 58 stitches
    followed by 2 Half double then 1 Half double for the remainder?


    1. Hi, Not a problem😁 If there is a Number before the stitch type , that means In the same stitch… if the number is after the stitch type then it’s 1 stitch- that many times across.
      So yes, your questions are correct.
      Sorry for any confusion and thanks for reaching out. Have a great day


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