Review – Red Heart Amore Yarn

Red Heart’s  yarn Amore.. My first impression when I did the “Touch it, Squeeze it” test was OMG this reminds me of ribbing part of my corduroy pants I had when I was young. hahaha

Amore is soft and has a velvet type feel to it. Definitely a soft yummy feel against your skin. I have been working with this yarn now for a few weeks, I’ve had a few struggles with it but in no way am I saying its not a great yarn for accessories or apparel. Let’s go into the Technical first and I will continue my story later…

This yarn was made with a Honeycomb type weave. Which gives it a stretchy “spring back”  to the yarn. Not alot but some.

This is a Medium Weight #4 yarn

Recommends  5.5mm Crochet hook  5.0mm Knitting Needle

Machine wash cold on gentle cycle, Tumble dry on low, Do not Iron or Dry clean.

1 Skein is 198 yds .. 3.5oz/100g of 100% Polyester

There is 13 colors available on Red Heart Website

My Local Walmart did recently start carrying this yarn but colors are limited. From what I’ve noticed so far is the colors vary depending on the store also, but this is just in the area I live not sure elsewhere.

Now back to working with this yarn. 

As mention above, how they made this yarn is it has a honeycomb weave to it. This allows the yarn to stretch a little but then spring back into its original shape. At first I thought .. this is cool, which for all purposes it is, but it has been a very large challenge for me.

I had a project specifically in mind for using this yarn with. The pattern however.. had a stitch I had not used before. The first few “froggings” I just thought I wasn’t relaxing the stitch enough but as I continued I realized it wasn’t my tension is was the yarn. Amore’s “stretchy” ability was not giving me a crisp looking stitch. It was just kinda there 😦 

Needless to say.. I decided to switch to a different stitch and then an other. I finally found one that worked. So I highly recommend before getting all set with what you plan to do.. work with the yarn alittle first. Just to get the feel of it. Test it out so you know how it reacts with your crochet/ knitting technique.

That being said .. this yarn holds up well to frogging.. several froggings.  It is soft & squishy and feels yummy on the skin. This yarn would be great for hats and head bands due to the little stretch it has. 

All in all, despite my little challenge with this yarn… I do like it and will use it again for some projects.

Til next time.. have a Wonderful Week 🙂

** WulfiesEssentials is not affiliated with any persons or companies mentioned in this post. I am not paid for my opinion… This is Solely my opinion based on use of this product.**


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