The ChinChill Scarf – Free Pattern

The ChinChill Scarf

This Scarf was inspired by Red Heart Yarn’s Hygge. I absolutely Love the feel of this yarn. Feel free to read my review of this yarn.. Hygge. It is so soft and squishy it reminded me of my Chinchilla rabbit I had when I was young. You just wanna cuddle this yarn all day 😉

The ChinChill scarf can be made 2 ways, Short and Wide or Traditional. Both ways requires 3 skeins of yarn. 2 skeins for the actual scarf and 1 for any extra needed, border and fringe if so desired.

If you are making a Solid colored scarf just purchase 3 of same. If you are making a 2 colored scarf, like the traditional version, You will need 2 skeins of the main color and 1 of the other.

The ChinChill scarf is made using 2 kinds of stitches… A, what I call Block Mesh and the SC Grit Stitch. This pattern is simple as it is just a repeat of the 2 stitches thru out the pattern. The borders used for these 2 scarfs is the Crab stitch and a normal SC.

If you are unfamiliar with any of these types of stitiches .. below are some links to a tutorial on how to…  These links are to other Crocheters who have done easy to follow instructions…

SC Grit Stitch Tutorial by New Stitch a Day

Crab Stitch by Moogly -Tamara Kelly 

What you will need..

3 Skeins of Red Heart Hygge yarn.

9mm Hook

Scissors, Tape Measure, Tapestry Needle


SC = SingleCrochet

DC = Double Crochet

SK = Skip Stitch

( number) = Number of stitches in that row


This is a 3 1/2 X 2 inch swatch.11 chains + 60 stitches using Grit stitch

This is”my” gauge.. I am known to be a tight stitch crochet’er sooo this is only a example. 🙂 

If you are designing your scarf to be 2 colors.. Start with the Main color. Main color will be all the Grit Stitch portions and the Alt color will be your Block Mesh.


Short & Thick Scarf..


SC in 2nd Chain from hook, SC across (40)

Row 1.) Ch.1, turn, SC 1st stitch, *SK, 2 SC* repeat * to * ending with a SC in last stitch.   #This is your Grit Stitch#

Row 2 – 5.) Repeat Row 1  

#Start of Block Mesh.. Change color if needed#

Row 1.) Ch.3, turn, SK ( first dc & ch.1), DC ( in DC), *Ch.1 – DC ( in DC) * repeat * to * across

Row 2.) Ch.3, turn, SK, * DC -Ch.1* Across ending with a DC in Ch.3

Row 3 – 5.) Repeat Row 2

Going back to Grit Stitch… Change color if needed

Ch.1, turn , SC in Ch.1,*SC in DC – SC in Ch.1* Repeat * to * Across ( 40 )

Now Repeat from Row 1 of grit stitch… You will repeat these steps til you have 11 blocks of Grit Stitch & 10 blocks of Mesh. The Start of the scarf and the end will bet the grit stitch blocks.

When you get to the end of the scarf.. do not end off.. Ch.1 and start your border around the entire scarf with a row of SC.

You will SC evenly around scarf.. when you have finished the SC around.. again do not end off.. Now you will do the Crab stitch around the scarf. When you have completed the Crab stitch Fasten off.

Traditional Scarf..

For traditional you will follow the same pattern as for the thick BUT you will be starting with a smaller Chain.

Ch.21.. 2nd chain from hook..20 stitches

You will continue to do grit/mesh pattern til you have used 2 skeins ( either one of each color for bi-colored scarf or 2 solid) Using the 3rd skein you can do 2 rows of SC around scarf for border or uses the 1 row of SC, then crab stitch. Using the remainder of yarn for the fringe on the ends.

To make Fringe.. Cut pieces of yarn into 5 inch strips,take 2 strips per stitch across bottom edge (approx 21)  and attach.

Place 2 strands together and fold in half ( photo #1) Place your hook threw stitch and loop the strands over hook ( photo #2) Pull loop thru stitch, Take the tail and wrap over hook and pull thru loop ( photo #3 & #4) Then pull strands to tighten ( photo #4) Do this across end length.

I hope you enjoy making your ChinChill Scarf. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me 🙂

WulfiesEssentials is not endorsed or paid by any company or persons mentioned in this post. These are references & or Products to use to help complete this pattern. You may make or sell any Scarf you have made from this pattern but please do not claim this pattern as your own, Please link back to this site

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