Review – Red Heart Hygge Yarn


Red Heart’s Hygge Yarn

( hoo-gah)

When I ran across this yarn at my local Walmart, I was dumb founded by the name yet absolutely in Love with the feel. This yarn give a whole new meaning to soft and squishy.

Hygge .. Pronounced Hoo-Gah or Hue-Guh.. Is a Danish and Norwegian word meaning …creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people.

Hygge yarn is a Crochet/knitter’s dream yarn. Perfect for Fall/Winter apparel. This is the type of yarn you will find yourself snuggling more than working with 😉


As you can see just the look of the yarn gives you that soft fluffy feeling. I have seen soft and fuzzy yarn and ofcourse you have to do the “touch” test, and yes, I have been fooled. Some yarns look amazing yet the touch test is … well, a disappointment 😦  You will not be disappointed with Hygge.

Hygge yarn is …

70% Acrylic, 30% Nylon, Crochet Hook 6.5, Knitting Needles 6.5

Bulky #5,  Machine Wash Gentle cycle Cold, Tumble dry Low

Skein is 5oz/141g,  132yds

Taking a closer look at the yarn.. The “furry” part is actually its own strand woven into the main part of the yarn.

This yarn is easy to work with, Glides effortlessly across your hook.

It holds up very well to frogging and despite it being a looser wound yarn it does not catch or fray while working with it.

It comes in 20 colors.. Though, my Walmart only carries about 6. It is alittle cheaper thru Walmart at approx $4.68 a skein

You can get all color via Red Hearts site for $5.99 a skein.



This is a great yarn to make scarves, hats, mitts, etc. Thick and soft enough to keep you snugly warm from Fall thru Winter but not over bulky. I was able to make a scarf with 2 skeins.

It is durable. After going threw the wash it still looks great.

The price for the product is worth it. This yarn does not disappoint.

Coming Soon..

Pattern for the “ChinChill” Scarf… Til then Take Care and Have a Wonderful Week 🙂


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This is Solely my Opinion based on use of product mentioned in this post. I am not affiliated nor paid by any person or company mentioned in the post.






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