Handi – Tote Free Pattern


The Handi – Tote Pattern


Awhile back I had written a post on this simple, yet functional tote. It was a request from my husband who is currently over sea’s. He was in need of a little tote to carry his necessities to the showers. This tote is made of 100% cotton so it is durable. The stitches used are a mix of SC & DC to keep items secure, yet breathable to dry quickly. .

The Handi – Tote is made up of several Panels then crocheted together. It’s a quick, simple and fun to make as you can customize it to your needs.



6.5mm Hook

100% Cotton.. I used Peaches and Cream found at Walmart.  Approx 200 yds ( depending on your options you will need more. 200 yds is for version I made.)

1 Button… This is if you are making your tote with Sandal Straps

Scissors, Tape Measure and Stitch Markers



SC = Single Crochet

DC = Double Crochet

( number) = Number of stitches in row


This Pattern is made with 1 pocket & 1 Set of straps (to hold Sandals). You can omit the straps and add another pocket if you wish.

Also The Handle for this tote is short. While making the Handle you can adjust it to the length you prefer.

Ch.2  at beginning of rows does NOT count as stitch

Bottom Panel & Side Panel have extra stitches for proper alignment when putting together




FRONT & BACK PANEL  (2 panels)

Ch.32    ( Ch. should be approx 9 inches long)

Row 1.) DC  3rd Ch. from hook, DC across ( 30)

Row 2.)  Ch.2, turn,  DC across (30)

Row 3 – 15.) Repeat Row # 2

Finish off and hide ends





Row 1.)  SC  2nd Ch from hook, SC across ( 32 )

Row 2.) Ch.1, turn, SC across (32)

Row 3 – 12.) Repeat Row 2

Finish off and hide ends



SIDE PANELS   ( Make 2 )

Ch. 13

Row 1.) SC 2nd Ch from Hook, SC across  ( 12 )

Row 2.) Ch.1, turn, SC across

Row 3 – 31.) Repeat Row 2

Finish off and Hide ends





Row 1.) SC 2nd Chain from hook, SC across (12)

Row 2.) Ch.1, turn, SC across

Row 3 – 18.) Repeat Row 2

Finish off and hide ends




Sew or Crochet each piece together. I chose to SC the pieces together, leaving a Seam type look.

After you have the Front, Back, Sides and Bottom assembled .. You will sew on the pocket.

Straps.. 2

Starting  the 5th Stitch down from top of bag.

Attach yarn and Ch.16, place marker & continue to chain 9 more, Total 25

Bring end of chain back and SC in Ch.16 & Ch.15, Fasten off… *Depending on size of button* you may need to chain a little longer.

Repeat for second strap Starting 6th stitch down.


On opposite side from straps.. Sew button on to 5th stitch down.


Starting on one of the sides you are going to SC across the full length of side ( 12 Stitches)

Ch.1, turn, SC … Continue til your Handle is approx 16 inches long… SC to other side of tote, fasten off and weave end.

And your now have a Handi- Tote 🙂


Til Next pattern… Have a Wonderful Week 🙂



Please feel free to use and/or sell items made from this pattern… However, Please do not claim this pattern to be your own and please link back to this post and/or give credit to WulfiesEssentials. Do Not Copy and Paste, reproduce or modify my pattern. Thank You

I am not affiliated and/or paid by any person or company mentioned in this post. These are products I have used in this particular pattern.













  1. I love it and I also love using Peaches and Cream, as well as Sugar n’ Cream, cotton! Thanks for sharing this. I crochet a lot of bags and I might like to try this one.

    Liked by 1 person

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