The Box Top…. Pull Over/Cover-Up.. Free Pattern

The Box Top


One Size, Pull Over, Cover- Up

Made with

Lion Brand Baby Mandala



This Cute Little “Box Top” top can be used as a cover up at the beach, Worn over your Tank top for that cool breeze or Just to make your outfit pop with color. How ever you decide to wear it….. it is a easy, quick and fun pattern to make.


The Box Top is made of 2 panels.. and sewn together.

It is a One Size Fit Most.. The Stitches used allows for stretching or shrinking so it always looks good 😉


What you will Need..

7mm Hook

2 Cakes Mandala Baby Yarn.. Your choice ( I used Mermaid Cove)

Stitch Markers, Scissors, Tapestry Needle



SC = Single Crochet

HDC = Half Double Crochet

DC = Double Crochet

SK = Skip Stitch

SM = Stitch Marker

* * = Repeat instructions between *’s

( number) = Number of Stitches at end of finished row



Ch.3 at beginning of row counts as DC

This pattern is Repetitive.. You will repeat certain rows throughout the pattern.



Make 2


  1. HDC in 3rd Chain from hook, HDC Across ( 101 )
  2. Ch.3, turn, SK, DC next 2, *Ch.5 – SK next 2 – SC* Repeat * to * 30 more times, Ch.5 – SK2 – DC – DC last 2 ( 32-Ch.5’s – 3 DC’s at beginning & end of Row)
  3. Ch.3, turn, Sk, DC next 2, *Ch.2 – SC in Ch.5 Loop* Repeat * to * 31 more tmes, Ch.2, ( sk last loop) DC in next 2 DC’s, DC in Ch.3


The Following Rows are your repeating rows….

4.) Ch.3, turn, Sk, DC next 2, Ch.5, Sk 1st Ch.2 space & SC into 2nd Ch.2 space, *Ch.5 – SC in Ch.2 space* Repeat * to * 29 more times, Ch.5, Sk last Ch.2 space & DC next 2, DC in Ch.3

5.) Ch.3, turn, SK, DC next 2, *Ch.2 – SC in Ch.5 Loop* repet * to * 32 times , Ch.2, DC in last 3

Repeat Rows 4 & 5   … for a total of 6 times

6.) Ch.3, turn, Sk, DC next 2, DC in Ch.2 Loop, * DC in SC – DC2 in Loop* Repeat * to * 14 more times, DC in SC, DC in Loop, *DC in SC – DC2 in Loop* Repeat * to * 14 more times, DC in SC, DC in Loop, DC last 3 DC’s (101)

7.) Ch.3, Turn, SK, DC Across (101)

Now you will repeat the steps from Row 4 thru row 7… Four more times..

when you have completed the steps 4 times you will continue on to Row 8



8.) Ch.3, Turn, Sk, DC across

Count.. 25 stitches in from ends of both sides and place a Stitch marker in the 26th stitch on each side. (This is where you are forming the Neck line.)

9.) Ch.3, turn, Sk, DC across to stitch marker, HDC in SM stitch & across to Second stitch marker, DC remaining 25 Stitches

10 & 11.) Repeat Row 9

12.) Ch.3, turn, Sk, HDC 25, SC across to Second SM, HDC last 25

13.) Repeat Row 12

14.) Ch.2, turn, HDC 25, SLST across to Second SM, HDC last 25

15.) Repeat Row 14…. When SL ST’ing … SL ST in previous Stitch NOT previous SL ST. This will give you slip stitches on both sides and a thicker rim…

Fasten off

Make Second Panel





Make sure to place both “front facing” sides together. You want it inside out before sewing together.


** Front Facing** Will be the side where your Ch.5 stands out , giving a Textured look.

At this Point you Can seem them together via hand sewing or Sl St’ing the 2 panels together.. which ever is more comfortable for you.


It is best to line up and place SM at every double DC section

When sewing the Neck line.. You are Only going to Sew together the First 25 stitches on each side.

When Sewing the Sides your going to start at the bottom and work your way up… stopping at second to last Double Row of DC’s. This will be your arm holes.


Sew in you ends and your done 🙂


Any Questions.. Please feel free to contact me


Til Next Time Have a Wonderful Week 🙂



I am not endorsed or affiliated with any persons &/or Companies mentioned in this post.All pictures are property of WulfiesEssentials. You may make and sell any items you make from this pattern but Please do not claim this pattern as your own. Do not copy &/or Alter this pattern or display elsewhere.. you may link back to this post. Thank you.




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