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Social Media Strikes Again….

Calling All My Wonderful Followers & Guests


If you have read some of my prior posts you will know that I have had certain opinions about Social Media Apps.. Until Recently, I have/had no issues with the Social Media apps I frequently visit. I Still Believe in quality not quantity when it comes to followers, likes, etc. What I have come to realize, thanks to my son, I spend a very good portion of my day going from app to app.. looky louing, liking, commenting, posting, etc.

After my son made several “sarcastic” comments during spring break, when I would tell him.. Hang on a Sec I need to check this or I have to take a pic of this to post… I started to really watch what I was doing, how much time I was really spending on these apps versus how much time I was doing my craft, was I ignoring my family, was I really keeping up with house work or just getting by with the minimal, was my “real life” suffering from these apps… The Answer.. YES

When you break it down.. Really watch and Log down how many times you pick up that phone to look at those apps and how much time you spend on those apps.. Reality sets in. Are social media apps necessary? Yes, to a growing business, craft, etc they can be very important but if those apps are interfering in the reason for using those apps .. what is the use of having them.

Sooo I have decided to come to you.. my followers and guests. I need your help. I’m going to limit the Social Media apps I currently use. I need and want to get the focus back to what really makes me happy and why I started using those apps to begin with. I still want to share with you all .. just not in soo many places. This make more time for me to create,make and put out patterns, etc  Plus.. I will still be able to see the wonderful work you all do as well.

Below is a poll.. Please Select the 3 Social Media you use most…. Thank You 🙂


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