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Spring Break & Crochet

Spring Break & Crochet


This week is the start of Spring Break here in the South East. If Spring Break hasn’t started for you.. it should be arriving soon. For most of us Spring Break means the kids are home from school. This is a busy time with family and/or friends. The time you take that mini vacation, plan activities to keep your little ones busy or simply get out and enjoy the warmer weather.

What does this all have to do with crochet?? Well in a way it doesn’t hahaha but if your a diehard crocheter,knitter,blogger… it has everything to do with it. Finding the time to sit down and enjoy your craft can be challenging during this hustle and bustle week. I have some tips on how to squeeze in your “me” time during Spring Break.

Crochet,Knitting and Crafting are alittle easier to sneak in than say.. blogging. So lets start with blogging..

Let’s face it unless you have a laptop you are going to need to get creative with your time. If you blog via a desktop..set your children up with a favorite movie or activity ( that doesn’t need supervision) or If possible with a spouse or relative for a few hours. Pre-make your posts for the whole week at this time. Schedule them to post on various days. Taking a few hours at the start to do this free’s you up for the whole week. No worries.

Same can be done with your laptop or plan a go to the park day. Let your kids explore and play while you enjoy the fresh air and get your blogging done.There is also the wait til everyone is asleep and do your blogging. The point is to create a less stressful week. So I highly recommend setting up a few hours to get all your posting done at once. Not only does your family need the break.. So do you!

Crafting, depending on what you craft can be a whole family affair. Teach your family your craft. You will be surprised how much fun it can be… and who knows your family’s crafts could result in a new inspiration for you 😉 Not to mention.. Your family can see why you love to craft and how much fun it can be. *Note* when crafting with family perfection is not required 😉

If your craft is on the delicate side, requires certain equipment or is hazardous around smaller children you will have to get creative… Is there other aspects to your craft that doesn’t require the ” not family friendly” that you can have them work with? If there is no possible way to make your craft family friendly.. you will have 2 options. Work on it when you have spare time.. evenings, early mornings, t.v time. Or put up the I’m on Vacation sign. Do not feel bad for having to put up the sign… Family comes first. The last thing you need is to add more stress.

Crochet & Knitting… These can be done virtually anywhere. This is the opportunity for you to get outside. Grab your tote, a large towel or blanket and get out there. Sunshine, Fresh air are the best for the creative juices. When planing a outing.. keep in mind you want to take with you yarn that is environmentally friendly to where you will be at. Don’t take that fluffy wool yarn to the beach… it will be more likely to pick up “nature” as you create. Pick a smoother yarn… cotton, light weight acrylic, etc. So adjust the type of yarn that will work with the environment you will be in.

Another Do not.. Don’t bring with you a project you are making a pattern for. Bring a project that doesn’t require, righting down steps, reading charts, needs several stitch markers, or requires.. WAIT I’m in the middle of this… Pick easy projects. More than likely you will have to put it down more than once or twice.. So don’t add frustration to your day. Save the complicated for night time at the hotel or home.

Above all else.. Don’t think you HAVE to do your craft during Spring Break.The whole concept about Spring “BREAK” is just that a Break. This is the time to rejuvenate your creative juices, spend time outside, taking a trip, having a great time with family. Your crafts will still be there when the week is over. Don’t be afraid to put up the On Vacation sign. You have only on life to live.. Live it to the Fullest. If you have Children.. they are only young once and they don’t stay young very long. Enjoy each moment you can.

I wish Everyone a Wonderful Week!!!  Til next time…

I am hanging up my… I’m on Vacation Sign 😉



























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