Crochet Thread Review

Which Thread Works Best & for Which Projects?


The last couple weeks I have been working with some healing stones. It has been awhile and I just felt the need to work with them again. I usually use a macrame method for my healing stone jewelry but this time around I decided I was going to crochet. As I was going threw my obscenely huge stash of thread, it occurred to me that I have never really thought about which thread would be best. So I broke out the 2 most popular brands I have and to work I went.

My stash contains some that are a mystery as they were acquired from my mother after she passed away but mostly they are Aunt Lydia’s & Artiste with a splash of Red Heart. As I have worked more with Aunt Lydia & Artiste and prefer them over the others they are the 2 brands I will be discussing.

First Up….


Aunt Lydia’s.. I Prefer to only work with cotton only when making my healing stone jewelry. I keep it as natural as I can. I have 3 of the 4 types that Lydia’s sells.

  1. Classic.. Mercerized Cotton
  2. Cotton.. Bakers Cotton
  3. Fashion.. Mercerized Cotton
  4. Nylon.. 100% Nylon
  5. Viscose Bamboo/metallic

I have 1-3 in my stash. I have yet to really tell a difference between Fashion and Classic other than fashion seems to be a bit smoother.


Artiste..  I have found 3 types and have used all 3.

  1. 100% Mercerized Cotton
  2. 100% Mercerized Egyptian Cotton
  3. 100% Acrylic

Working with all 3 types I have noticed a sizable difference between them. The regular cotton is very soft, the Egyptian is smooth & on the soft side and the Acrylic is slick and more on the “rope” side of thread.

Crochet Thread .. no matter the brand, Comes in different sizes. The Larger the number the smaller the thread. Size all depends on the project you are planing on doing.

The range of thread size is quiet large but the most common you will find in stores is

  1. Size 3.. 3.25-3.5mm Hook, the larger of the threads
  2. Size 5… 1.6 -2.25mm Hook
  3. Size 10.. 1.6 – 2.25mm Hook
  4. Size 20.. 1.15 – 1.25mm Hook

Now these hook sizes are what is recommended on the packaging by the company. There is many other “sites” that state different sizes for the different size thread. Remember it is a “recommended” hook size and depending on your project you can adjust hook size.

Now with the technical stuff outta the way… Alot of people have a fear of crochet thread. Its understandable. When growing up I would watch my mother use Size 20 or smaller thread.. She was the Doily Queen. After I had my girls she would make barbie dresses for the girls. To see how small and delicate stitches were, the tiny “yarn”, and the itty bitty crochet hook.. had me flat out saying Noo Way.

It wasn’t til I started making my macrame jewelry that the thought of using thread came to mind. I wanted to expand and be more creative with my healing stone necklaces. So out came the Crochet Thread. My biggest hurdle was my hook. If you find you keep losing stitches I would recommend going to a Inline hook. The pointy end and the deeper hook have helped me considerably.

As stated before the size of thread really doesn’t have any significant role, other than size of project. When first trying thread I would recommend getting the larger size thread and as you become accustomed to it move to smaller thread size. No reason to frustrate yourself going straight to the smaller sizes off the bat.

To make my projects I stick to the Size 10 or 5. Occasionally, depending on the stones, I have to go to a smaller size to thread it thru the pre-drilled holes.

When using These threads to do beaded or Stone jewelry and you have to fish the thread threw the itty bitty hole in the bead/stone.. The thread size and type of thread does play a important role. This is what I have learned thru my adventures…


Aunt Lydia’s Classic and Artiste’s Regular Cotton Thread did not make the grade. 😦

Fishing the thread threw the stones caused the thread to fray. Artiste, also did not hold up well to Frogging… It frayed even more.

This was a bit disappointing as I do a lot of  embellishments with Aunt Lydia’s and I did not have this issue. I was unprepared for this mishap.

As you can see I did not have a frying issue with either Aunt Lydia’s Fashion (purple) or Artiste Egyptian (turquoise). Both held up to the challenge. lol

Both are comparable threads. I can not honestly say Aunt Lydia’s is a better thread than Artiste and vice versa. Each has there good and bad aspects, which seem to be similar. Both have been good threads to work with prior to using them for my Stones.

When deciding which to use for which project remember the following

Aunt Lydia’s..

A project that will be washed or worn alot.. Use Fashion or even the Nylon

  1. Lace collar work, Jewelry, Details on clothing all fall under this.

A project like a doily or decor that will get the occasional cleaning you can use Classic

  1. Doily’s, Wall Art, Non- used Decor Pillows

Kitchen projects like Dish cloths, etc.. Use Bakers cotton.

  1. Wash Cloths, Pot Holders, Dish Cloths, etc


Projects that will be worn or cleaned frequently us Egyptian or Nylon

Occasional cleaning/ Decor projects Regular Cotton


Again, Not really significant.. Use the size that will work best with your project. If you are doing “beaded” type work.. Take a bead with you to make sure the size you pick will go threw the hole of bead.


Stay close to the recommended hook size on packaging.. unless you are confident in what your working with.

First time thread users.. If your having issues with normal Crochet Hook, I would recommend a Inline hook.

You can purchase crochet thread practically everywhere… unless your looking for a specific brand. Below is a “general” list.. Also there is affiliate ads to purchase thread ( helps support this site)

Walmart… You will find Red Heart and Bernat Handicrafter thread

Micheals…  Primarily you will find Aunt Lydia’s Here.. Sometimes DMC, Depends on your local store.

Joanns… Best Variety to go to.. Aunt Lydia’s, Red Heart, DMC and a few newer small companies.

Hobby Lobby.. Mostly Artiste but sometimes you can find Aunt lydia’s

Til Next Time.. Everyone Have a Wonderful Week 🙂

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  1. I’ve done quite a bit of crochet with Aunt Lydias and RedHeart, thinking of them as interchangeable until now, working on a crochet skirt. The RedHeart has so much drag on the hook I had to discontinue because of the discomfort in my hands & wrists. The Aunt Lydia’s glides easily and therefore faster process. I will limit RedHeart in the future.


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