Review – Lion Brand Shawl in a Ball

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Shawl in a Ball Review

I had picked up a few skeins of Shawl in a Ball on sale around the holiday season last year. It was sitting in my “inspiration” bowl I have on my table for awhile as I wasn’t sure as to what I was going to make. To be completely honest.. I’m not a big shawl maker. After pondering for awhile.. ok, ok a month or so ha ha… I decided to try it with a Infinity/Cowl pattern I had been thinking about.

After getting into the project by a few rows I couldn’t really figure out why it is called Shawl in a Ball. This yarns texture is so unique it would make any stitch and/or project used, more dramatic, eye catching and just that WOW factor over all. This yarn isn’t just your basic string of yarn… yes I said String 😦 because at times thru this skein the yarn looks just like string.


As you can see in the picture the yarn is not uniform. There is thin areas, normal areas and plump areas. This yarn is also soft, cuddly and feels great against bare skin. The weight of this yarn is heavy enough to hold shape and warmth but light enough to have bigger projects still flow. I was also impressed with the gradient in this yarn. It is a smooth blend into the next color and I did not notice any oop’s with color bleeding.

The Technical stuff πŸ˜‰

Shawl in a Ball is a ….

  1. #4 ( Medium) weight yarn
  2. Recommended hook size 6mm / Needle size 5mm
  3.  5.3 oz / 518yds
  4. This is a 58% Cotton, 39% Acrylic with 3% other fiber ( mystery fiber??)
  5. Machine Wash on gentle cycle.. Lay Flat to dry.

When they state one skein can make a full shawl.. it really can. This yarn seemed to last forever πŸ˜‰

Shawl in a Ball should not be limited to just Shawls. This yarn would be great for any pattern needing a lighter weight yarn with the sturdiness of a medium weight. Especially if the intent of the pattern is to flow and/or have a drape type look.

Til Next Time.. Have a Great Weekend Everyone πŸ™‚

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W.E Shawl in a Ball Review


  1. How coincidental! I just made a scarf for my husband with this yarn. I have never tried Lion Brand before but my hubby saw this yarn and said that’s what he wanted so I bought it. He really loved his scarf. Your review is spot on. He liked the scarf because it was light and he loved the colors.

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