Midnight Sky’s Infinity Scarf


Midnight Sky’s Infinity Scarf

Easy, Fast & Yummy Texture

For my first time using Lion Brands Shawl in a Ball I wanted something that would show off the color gradient and the unique texture this yarn has….Yarn Review coming soon 😉


Texture Texture Texture 😉

This Infinity Scarf is not only cozy to keep the chill off your neck it is also light weight and a great accessory for any season.

I have used 2 skeins for this pattern.. 1 of Soothing Blue & 1 of Feng Shui Grey. This pattern goes very quickly once you get the hang of the stitches used. It is a repetitive pattern using 2 rows over and over. There is a seem & a border that goes completely around the scarf… Border is optional



This picture is to show you the texture effect this scarf has. You will see the “V” type stitch on one side and on the reverse it has a “ribbing” effect. Depending on How this scarf is worn you can show either ither or both.


I also planed out the connecting points of the 2 yarn colors. When I chose these 2 colors it was because they both had a starting and/or ending color that was very similar. So when connected they blended very well and the “seem” is almost invisible…


 Lets Get Started 😉

What you will need…

2 Balls of Lion Brand Shawl in a Ball

6.5mm Hook

Scissors, Tapestry Needle



SC = Single Crochet

DC= Double Crochet

Sl St = Slip Stitch

SK = Skip Stitch

FP = Front Post

(number) = How many stitches at end of row you should have


The Visuals for this pattern are done in a Thicker & Darker yarn so it is easier to see the stitches.

Ch.3 is counted as First DC




Row 1) Second Ch from hook SC across (60)

Row 2) Ch.1, Turn, SC across (60)

Row 3) Ch.1, Turn, SC across (60)

Row 4) Ch.3, Turn, DC in Second & Third stitch, *Sk Stitch, DC, DC in Sk * repeat * to * til you have 3 stitches remaining, DC last 3 stitches.


Pic 1) shows your DC’s then SK, DC… Pic 2) Shows DC in SK Stitch… Pic 3) Shows Row

Row 5) Ch.3, Turn, DC in Second and Third Stitches, *DC around FP of next stitches*  Repeat * to * across, DC last 3 stitches



Front Post

Your row should look like this..                                     V shape >>


Now You will Repeat Row 4 & 5 threw the whole First Skein and continue with the Second skein til you are 3/4th done with the 2nd skein.

When you are approx. at the 3/4th mark you will do 3 rows of SC then SC the beginning end to your working end

When SC ‘ing your 2 ends together make sure your scarf is not twisted and you have the Ridge side facing you.

When doing this it will blend with the other ridges and will hide the seem. ( see the above 2 photo’s for Seem reference)

After completing the seem.. do not fasten off. From here if you want to have a border.. Just turn your work and start your border from the last SC in the Seem you just made.

I did 2 rows of SC for the border on both sides of scarf.WEMidnightSkypattern12

If you have any question please feel free to contact me 🙂


Please feel free to use and/or sell items made from this pattern… However, Please do not claim this pattern to be your own and please link back to this post and/or give credit to WulfiesEssentials. Do Not Copy and Paste, reproduce or modify my pattern. Thank You

I am not affiliated and/or paid by any person or company mentioned in this post. These are products I have used in this particular pattern.










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