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Make Your Own Personalized Yarn Bowl


Easy Customized Yarn Bowls


I decided to make these when I was having abit of a issue finding a bowl that would accommodate not only my bigger balls of yarn but also Cakes & small Skeins. The yarn bowls I was finding were either too small or extremely large.

So I went on the hunt… I found these porcelain bowls ( 2 pack) at walmart the other day.


These bowls are oblong.. Wavy according to package.. and on the deep side. Perfect for small skeins. Being porcelain they are on the heavier side so no sliding the bowl across the table.. I hate that.

I also purchased some stencils and alphabet stickers. The possibilities can be endless depending on your crafting skills. Its been a long while since I pick up the paint brushes so I opted for the “cheat” way 😉

Whether you freehand your designs or use stencils.. I highly recommend making sure you purchase Acrylic paint that is for Glass.

Not only will this paint be less likely to chip and wear off it will also survive a washing.

Before painting make sure the bowl is clean dry and use alittle rubbing alcohol on the area you are going to paint on. The surface needs to be clean of any oils or residue to make a good adhesion. If your going to use stickers as I chose, you will want to do the same prepping but also will want to use a tiny bit, over and around each letter and/ or picture, of a clear acrylic after you have placed the stickers where you want them. This light coating around the edges will keep them from lifting and peeling off.


My Yarn bowl is still a work in progress… but as you can see you can easily make your own and have fun doing it 🙂

Supply’s were found…

Better Homes and Gardens Porcelain Wavy Bowls @ Wal-Mart  approx $6.00 for 2

Stickers also from Wal-mart 98 cents.. depending on what your going to “write” I would suggest 2 or 3 packages.

Stencils.. Wal-mart for around $9.95.

Paint used was FolkArt Enamels.. for glass. Approx. 98 cents. Any acrylic for glass will work.

However, Even though I was able to find everything I needed at Wal Mart, the selection on Stencils and Stickers is pretty limited. At-least at my store. I would suggest Hobby Lobby or Micheal’s for a better selection.


Til next time… Have a Great Weekend!!


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