A Little.. X’s & O’s Simple Scarf Pattern


X’s & O’s Scarf

This is a simple basic style scarf using the X – Stitch, which in my opinion, I think it looks like X’s and O’s 😉 This Scarf was made with Bernat Pop yarn . This works up pretty quick. Hope you enjoy 🙂



What you will need…

1 Cake of Bernat Pop.. your color of choice. I used Foggy Notion

6.5mm hook

Scissors & Tapestry needle


Ch. = Chain

SC = Single Crochet

HDC = Half Double Crochet

TR = Triple Crochet

SK St = Skip Stitch

Optional.. Crab Stitch = Reverse Single Crochet



If you are not familiar with X-Stitch I have made a how to post that can be found … HERE

There is a slight modification to the X-Stitch for this pattern..  You will skip 1 chain space instead of 2 (in between the 2 posts of the X)

Also.. Second Row of X’s you will NOT skip any stitches. You will be placing your X’s on top of the previous X’s ( start first “leg” of X in top of Previous Rows X)

When doing the Border.. The Crab Stitch is Optional. If you choose to use the Crab Stitch method here is a link to Moogly’s tutorial. It is a very easy and clear tutorial to watch.



Ch 140

Row 1.) 2nd Chain from hook SC, SC across (139)

Row 2.) Ch.3, Turn, TR in first stitch, Sk, *Mod X-Stitch, Sk* repeat * to * 34 times, Place TR in last 2 stitches.

Row 3.) Ch.3, Turn, Sk first stitch, Triple, *Mod X-Stitch* (34 times), Tr in last 2 stitches

Row 4.) Ch.2, Turn, Sk first stitch, HDC next 2, 2HDC in Ch.2 Space, *HDC next 2, 2HDC in Ch.2 Space* HDC in last 2 stitches (139 HDC’s)

Row 5.) Ch.2, Turn HDC Across

Row 6.) Repeat Row 5

Now.. you will repeat Rows 2-6 one more time and then Repeat Rows 2 -3.

You should have 3 sections of X-Stitches and 2 sections of HDC’s then you have completed.


I did a complete round of SC… Placing 2SC’s in each Ch.3 & 1SC in the Ch.2 on the ends. Along the Long Straight Sides it is 1 sc per stitch. And in the corners it is a SC, Ch.1,SC in same corner stitch.

When you have made a complete SC border around.. DO Not fasten off, Slip Stitch into First SC made then Start the Crab Stitch going completely around the Scarf, Fasten off



Feel free to sell items you have made from this pattern but please do not “claim” this pattern as your own. Please do not copy, distribute or sell this pattern. Link back to this post for any references to my pattern. I am not affiliated nor paid by anyone or company mentioned in this post.










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