Snowman Heat-able Warmer


Little Crochet Snowman


The idea for this little snowman was spawned the other day whilst I was freezing my booty off. Ha ha ha It has been unusually cold here in the South East the last week. I don’t mind the cold. However, I could not find any “winter” type apparel and my house obviously is not weather proofed. As I sat attempting to work on some projects, I could not focus because I was constantly thinking about how to stay warmer. I few Ideas came to mind but this little guy seemed more practical.

Little Frosty is approximately 5 inches wide by 8 inches tall. Perfect size for hands, tummy or lower back. Just use your choice of “heat-able”  materials. I chose deer feed corn. There are many options on what you can use for as a filler.

If you need help deciding for yourself… here is a handing little comparison to help you decide.. A Little Crispy

Please take into consideration the size of the filling you want to use. The smaller filling might work its way threw the stitches. You will need to line the inside of the snowman or place your filling in a non-flammable material bag prior to placing in snowman.

You could even just stuff the snowman and have him as a snuggle toy for kids 😉

What you will need…

5.5mm Hook

100% Cotton yarn, your choice of color.. I used I Love This Cotton (Hobby Lobby brand) the skein has 153 yards, I used approx half the skein.

Small amount of Black 100% Black cotton yarn

Optional.. Red cotton yarn for ribbon on hat.

Scissors, Tapestry Needle, Measuring Tape


Sl St = Slip Stitch

SC = Single Crochet

( number) = Number of stitches in row. &/or rows


Gauge is not of big importance.. just make sure you use the same tension on both pieces


Make 2


Row 1: Starting 2nd Chain from hook, SC across (20)

Row 2: Ch.1, turn, SC (20)

Row 3-20: Repeat Row 2  ( total 20 rows)

Row 21: No Chain, turn, Sl St first 3 stitches, SC next 14, leave remaining 3 stitches.

Row 22:  Ch.1, turn, SC (14)

Row 23-28: Repeat Row 22 ( total 7 rows)

Row 29: No Chain, turn, Sl St first 3 stitches, SC next 8, leave remaining 3 stitches.

Row 30: Ch.1, turn, SC  (8)

Row 31-35: Repeat Row 30 ( total 6 rows), Fasten off

Change to Black yarn..

Row 36: Start by making a chain… Chain 2 then start with a SC in top of snowman, SC across top and then Ch.3 after last SC…. see pic below

Row 37: Starting in 2nd Chain from hook, SC across (12)

Row 38: No Chain, Sl St first 2 stitches, SC 8, Leave remaining 2 stitches

Row 39: Ch.1, turn, SC across (8)

Row 40-41: Repeat Row 39 (total 3 rows)  Tie off

When you are finished your pieces should look as pictured below…

I realized this photo is at a angle after I attached them together. Pieces are the same size lol


Prior to attaching both pieces together you will want to sew on Eyes, Nose, Mouth & Buttons.

To attach pieces you can use several methods. I chose to do a single crochet around, evenly on the body and I sewed the hat pieces together.

Since I was using deer feed corn, I crocheted the whole body together and waited til sewing the hat together before filling with the corn.


If you are using the smaller type heat-able material and need to place that in a lined bag. Start your sewing at the Hat and then as you sew the body together place the lining or lined bag in as you go.

Optional Ribbon on hat.. To secure the ribbon,.. I weaved the ribbon threw the corners of the hat so it will not slip off. DO NOT glue or use any adhesive to attach your ribbon. It will melt or cause a Fire in the microwave.


Also DO NOT heat the bag more than 30 seconds at a time. Check for even temperature and do not over heat as you could cause burns.

You could also place your snowman in the freezer during summer as a ice bag 🙂

Hope you Enjoy.. & As always I would love to see your finished Snowman 🙂



Please do not copy and paste this pattern to your own or others sites. You may use photos with a link back to my site. Please to do claim this pattern to be your own. I am not affiliated with any persons, site’s or company’s listed in this post.


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