WIP Wednesday Happenings

WIP Wednesday


About a Week ago I posted this project I’m working on for the holidays. I’m not going to call this tapestry as I did not carry all yarns completely threw each row. This is more of just a Graph with a touch of Tapestry. I wanted to make placemats for the holidays and since this is a busy time of the year… I was going to cheat and use a bigger hook so I could make the project in a more timely manner. Well, as I stated when I posted this picture I wasn’t too thrilled about how it was looking. I debated about frogging it and doing it with a more correct size hook but I continued anyways.


As you can see the outcome is not pleasing lol Using a bigger hook, I have lost the detail that should be there. There is too much spacing and the snowflake is disjointed. Also because of the bigger spacing while adding the “icicle” border, no matter how loose I kept my tension it still pulled the stitches.

I’m currently working on making another mat, this time using a more appropriate size hook. I am also debating whether to tweak my graph and make the snowflake a little thicker. Not sure… I would like to keep it thin to give it character… we will see.

The whole part of being creative and designing your own projects can at time seem frustrating but it is all a learning process and that is what makes your grow. No one can ever say they are 100% accomplished in doing a certain thing. There will always be little challenges and always more to learn. 🙂

Til Next Time… Have a Wonderful Week 🙂



















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