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Hidden Treasure?..You can decide

Leisure Arts

A over looked treasure


This is just a little handful of the many books I have acquired over many years. I also have a few that were carefully packed away that were my Mothers & Grandmothers. I don’t hear many people talking about having or using Leisure Arts books. They have been around since 1971. They have books for many crafts not just Crochet or Knitting. I remember always seeing one or 2 laying around near my grandmothers basket of projects. I starting “collecting” them after my grandmother past. One here, one there. They were great for giving me reminders on how to do certain knitting stitches. I, at that point, didn’t have much time to knit so when I did I was … how do I do that again lol. My little addiction didn’t really start til after my mother passed. This woman literally was the queen of the yarn stash. 😉 Every closet had at-least 2 to 3  good sized boxes of yarn hidden in it. I even found some in the laundry room. lol Go mom , Goo

In among these boxes of glorious yarn I was finding more leisure art books.. and that’s when the true obsession started. When I found out they had a website.. I kinda drooled a little. I signed up for their emails unaware of their fabulous Friday emails!!! Every Friday you get… Free Pattern Friday. Who isn’t all about a free pattern here and there. Every Friday you receive a email with sales, new books, etc and a link to claim you free pattern download. Now this isn’t just one craft. There is a pattern for all.. Crochet, Knitters and even Sewing/Cross stitch/Quilting. They alternate the sewing/cross stitch/quilting, so one week you get sewing the next cross stitch, etc.

I think the coolest part of these free patterns is they are from their books and they don’t just do the newer trends. They use patterns from the 70’s to Now. I love the old style and not so popular trends.

If you have ever had unsure questions or how to’s, these books are very informative and helpful.

You could be a beginner wanting to try a craft or a advanced crafter and want to bump up you skill level.These books are great. I know there’s the internet, you-tube, etc but sometimes I don’t want to be sitting next a computer or have to juggle my phone while trying to learn. Its great to be able just to grab the book and go sit where ever to read.

In case your wondering .. no I’m not affiliated or being sponsored for this post. I just opened my email this morning and saw my Freebie Friday email and went Hey, I wanna share this with others 😉  Whether Leisure Arts is a unknown hidden gem or not is up to you to decide. Link to their site is ….. HERE

Have a Great Weekend Everyone!! til next time….
















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