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Playing Catch – Up is not a Option :(

Catch – Up.. Do or Don’t???


The… Life is crazy bug… has basically decided this year is the year to hit me. I knew when I started my blog at the beginning of the year I had a few necessary things that needed to be taken care but shouldn’t interfere with my crafting and/or blogging time. I also thought with my youngest child now being a senior I would have all the time I needed and wanted to do “my” things……. NOT

Things started off great. Then one after the other.. little hiccups would arise. Senior Parent meetings, my surgeries not going as planned, Senior portraits, senior field trips, Hurricane Evacuations, ya know the list kept growing. I found my self up late at night trying to accomplish what I wanted and needed to get done… Playing Catch – Up.

At first playing catch – up wasn’t that bad.. but as time progress the “catch – up” was going into the next projects timeline, and then the next. When is enough, enough? Sometimes you just have to stop yourself and say… Is it really that important??? With Holidays approaching and with as much as I love making and sharing patterns, I also love to make gifts for the family. I no longer had time… where was I going to steal time from?? How was I going to do this with out disappointing people. Being a huge people pleaser did not help me at all.

That’s when my melt down happened this weekend. I spent a huge amount of time in bed on Saturday. Running things threw my head.. over .. and over. Whilst laying there talking to myself lol… I decided to ask myself.. what most important to me. Yes, I want to be able to blog, create and share but when it comes down to it… Family and your sanity is number one & two on the list. I got my butt outta bed, grabbed a huge cup of coffee and started the “clean up” process. When all was said and done… even though it kills me, I have had to abandon my Thanksgiving project/ pattern and move onto X-Mas.

I have learned great lessons this “almost” past year. Even though I had calculated project making time I didn’t account for “life” happenings. I did not allow for extra time. Playing Catch-Up can wreck havoc, add unneeded stress and is a never ending cycle that just draws you deeper into the pit. It is what can fuel the disappointment, make you doubt yourself and spawn the urge to throw the towel in & give up on your passion and dreams. Don’t let the “catch-up” bug hit you. Pace yourself and if for any reason you are not going to complete your project by the time you wanted it finished… Stop.. put it aside. You can always come back to it. If its a holiday specific item, pack it away neatly and you can bring it out for next year. Think on the bright side you already have some of it done 🙂 it will be a snap to finish at a later time.

Another lesson I have learned is to not announce a specific day, time, etc… Placing that specific “deadline” can cause even more stress. Go with the flow.. I’m not say to not post about a project, I’m just saying not to put a specific It will be done by .. date.

Anyways.. Just thought I’d share. I don’t know if anyone else has falling victim to the “bug” or not. I’m one of those brutally honest kinda people, Ya only got one life and there’s no guarantee on how long you will be around so why waste it stressing 😉 Have Fun. Live Life to the Fullest. Learn from mistakes, which is human nature, and move forward. 🙂

Wishing everyone a Wonderful Weekend!!

Take care.. til next time.









2 thoughts on “Playing Catch – Up is not a Option :(”

  1. Great post Sandi!!! I’ve been beating myself up for the last few months because I seem to be getting further and further behind on everything. I have ended up doing almost exactly the same thing as you and finally gave myself the “what’s really important” talk and I’m feeling a lot less stressed. Oh I’m still stressed but at least now it’s just the usual holiday stress and not my self imposed guilt stress. It’s really nice to know I’m not the only one. 😀 😀 😀

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