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Weekly Update.. It’s Halloween Season!!!



Its the wonderful Season on Spooky, Scary, Scary, Spooky. This has always been my most favorite time of year. Sometimes I wish it could be Halloween all year long hahaha

This past week was a huge struggle for me. I’m not the kind of person to take it easy and rest. I’ve always been on the go and constantly moving. My final surgery kicked my butt. Well not the surgery but the Antibiotics. I’m not one to take prescriptions. I’m more than likely to deal with pain or find a more natural way to take care of myself. Those Antibiotics killed me. I was constantly dizzy, couldn’t focus… ahhhh I about lost my mind lol I hope I never have to take that crap again. Anyways, I’m almost back 100% and am raring to go. I was able to work on my projects yesterday and it felt great 🙂

Over the weekend I decided to do a little baking. It doesn’t require too much of my brain power Haha However I was waiting for the ghost of my grandmother to come smack me upside the head with a rolling pin as I modified our family shortbread recipe. This recipe has been handed down for atleast 4 generations that I know of or been told lol  It would not be considered the normal shortbread you would find in the stores. This is old time Scottish Shortbread. My modifications consisted of adding Vanilla bean paste to the witches fingers and Frank’s have pumpkin spice flavoring along with making them into fingers and adding icing … eeekkk lol


Frankenstein & Witch Fingers!! 🙂

These were so fun and very easy to make. I did however have a issue with my witch fingers.. As you can see they are a bit fat hahaha. I wasn’t expecting them to expand as much as they did. I used the shortbread recipe because its a stiffer dough than cookie and even though they expanded they didn’t flatten out like a cookie dough does. I would just recommend using a small ice cream scoop to measure the amount to make the fingers.. I used a medium one.

If your not a shortbread fan.. a sugar cookie dough will work or you could even go the Biscotti route. You want a firm and dryer dough to form and one that will maintain shape while cooking.

After you figure out what dough your going to use. You will need a Buttercream Frosting for Franks fingers. We made plain Vanilla Buttercream then put the amount we needed in separate bowl and used food coloring. You don’t need much. Buttercreams shelf life isn’t too long. You will also need a piping bag with a small decorator tip and almonds for the witches nails.

If your not big into baking this can all be accomplished with Betty Crocker or Duncan Hines cookie mixes and frosting 🙂 The whole point is to have fun, challenge yourself and get the whole family in on the fun. I had my kids help 😉


Have a Great Day… and See ya Soon 😉
















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