Mandala Totes Are AVAILABLE ;)

Mandala Totes are now Available

I have released the first 2 in a long line of Mandala Totes. When I first saw and purchased Lion Brands Mandala Yarn, I knew I wanted to do something special with this yarn. After a few weeks of tossing ideas around It hit me.. Why not make Mandala’s with Mandala yarn lol

I plan on making a Tote with each of the Mandala yarns that are available from Lion Brand. That would be 16 different color-type totes. All these totes will be unique as I do not plan on making a set pattern. Each will have a mandala bottom and worked with different stitches throughout the tote. 

I will be releasing new totes as soon as I can. I still have other projects in the works along with the dreaded “Adulting” I have to do hahaha

Gnomey Tote & Unicorn Gardens Now available .. Etsy Store Link.

Lion Brand Mandala Yarn Review

Everyone Have a Great Week 🙂






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