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August Happenings

August was another busy month for me. It was also a rethink, reorganize & challenge myself month. I decided it was time to try a few techniques that I have been wanting to do. I also wanted to get back to making items for my etsy store. I still plan on creating patterns but I won’t be doing as many in a month as I have been. I found that trying to put out a pattern every week was taking away the time to try new and more time consuming projects. I also didn’t want to just throw out something that has already been done a thousand time or burn out and loose my creativity.

I started doing some Tapestry & Mandala crochet. I’m currently making a series of Manadala Totes using Lion Brand Mandala. My Goal is to make one in every color 😉 Number 3 is half done. I have finished the Tapestry. Post to be up this weekend, If Irma allows.

I was pleasantly surprised and I did alittle happy dance when Lion Brand took noticed of my Unicorn Gardens tote and asked me if I’d like to share it. My tote is being featured in their Community Gallery. 🙂

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Besides trying new things this last month. My youngest started his Senior year 😦 I have total mixed emotions on this. We had more Senior picture, Senior Parent nites, etc. I don’t remember all this with my girls or myself when we were seniors. It seems this state is huge into senior activity’s. Heck I’m just concentrating on getting him threw the year alive lol This almost a adult attitude may get him hospitalized.. just joking lol


September Goings On

I’m am sooo geared up for Halloween it isn’t funny. I love Fall & Halloween is my absolute favorite Holiday. This month… so far… I have been dabbling in Pixel crochet which was spawned by a C2C project I had started. I have also started a Halloween Project. I have been having so much fun trying new techniques and can’t wait to share with everyone. My absents from my blog has givin me a renewed look at things, a desire to challenge and broaden my skills.

I would like to remind everyone & for those that don’t know… I do have a Facebook page which I throw updates on more frequently. And of course there’s my Instagram 😉

Have a Great Rest of the Week 🙂



3 thoughts on “Update & Happenings”

  1. Congratulations Sandi on the Lion Brand spot!!! That’s exciting!! Of course the tote is gorgeous so it’s not a surprise that they wanted to include it in their spotlight!! I love this time of year and I’m like you, gearing up for the busy crochet season!! I can’t wait to see what you make!! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank You so much. It was such a boost of confidence for me. When you see gorgeous detailed work.. like yours.. ya start to kinda doubt ur skills. It helped. lol Can’t wait to see your “fall” projects too. Your a inspiration to us all😁

      Liked by 1 person

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