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July Happenings

Wow… doesn’t begin to describe the month of July for me. I took sometime away from blogging, pattern making, etc to get a handle on things, as for some reason my family’s birthdays are clustered from End of June threw August.. the remainder are all in December and January. How does that happen?!?!?! ha ha ha  I also had a few requested items that I agreed to make.

I did get a couple requests & July’s b-days taken care of and about 50% done with August birthdays. Is it me or do you feel it also… It seems to be that when I have a specific Item to make it takes 2-4 times longer than when you just crochet or craft for the heck of it??? Any how’s here’s a few of the items I did…..


This is a little baby blanket I made for a friend of my daughters. She’s a first time mommy. I used Red Hearts Super Saver Ombre in Deep Teal. I ended up using about 1 & 1/2 skiens. this is not a C2C. I used the Wattle stitch. I found a few really cute Appliques online.

Star Fish are from Flower Girl Cottage

Little Octopus from Jenny and Teddy

Little Whale from Krawka

The Hearts are my creation using a chart for the big heart & trial n error with the smaller but you can find heart motifs/appliques all over the web. I’m not a huge blanket making fan but this little guys was fun and great change of pace 🙂



This hot mess is my attempt at what I think would be considered Tapestry Crochet. This idea has been on the back burner forever until recently. It finally became a I must do project when My middle child “purchased” HER.. first new car. I was planing on making her something for the car I had got her when she was learning to drive. Does that tell you how long its been on the back burner LOL.  She had a theme she wants for the inside of the car and was having issues finding a few Items Soooo Like the Crochet Addict I am, I said I CAN MAKE THAT!!! hahahahaha Thank goodness she had no clue I was gonna make it for her other car.

This is a technique I have always wanted to try but have forever been scared to. After dabbling with C2C which I was also apprehensive about, I decided it was time to face my fears and Just Do It 😉 I jump with both feet into the deep end.. needless to say I frogged the whole thing and am retrying it a different way. It’s going much easier now and about half way done.

Also on the hook is…..

My Button Yoga Socks.. In the process of making a pair for a b-day gift in a smaller size. It’s taking abit longer as I’m also updating the pattern so there will be a size 9-10 & 7-8 🙂

A Lion Brand Mandala yarn project… blog post hopefully up tomorrow. I was still tweaking it today 😉 These will not be a pattern.. These will be available in my etsy store as soon as a get a few of them made.

School Starts this Friday & since High School’s don’t get a “school supply” list, i should be back to my normal by the 7th … yeaahh meee.

Hope Everyone have a Wonderful Day!!!!

















4 thoughts on “July Happenings”

  1. You and I seem to be at similar places on our crochet journeys. I only just recently learned Tapestry crochet and the c2c is on my list! I tried it once and made a terrible mess but I’m determined to get it.

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    1. The Struggle can be so real sometimes haha But with a strong desire we can accomplish anything 😉 It’s great to learn something new though… the feeling you get when you finish is the best 🙂 Good Luck!!


  2. That Ombre yarn is very very yummy looking I am going to have to get some. I haven’t seen it in stores yet so I’ll have to order it online. The blanket is fantastic by the way, I love the appliques! I’m just like you Sandi – the words Oh I can crochet that are out of my mouth before I even know if I can! Isn’t it fun!!!! Tapestry crochet is on my to do list and moving up the list very rapidly! 😀

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    1. The Only Store I have found the Ombre in is a place called A.C Moore’s which I never heard of til I moved over to the South East Coast. The Blanket was a whim lol Daughter told me her friend loved the ocean so I just went to town hahaha Thank You though :).. I Love the challenges.. even if I have to frog the whole thing and start again.. It’s a great learning experience. I’m almost done with my tapestry project…. if you can call it tapestry hahahaha I didnt quite follow “tapestry” directions 😦

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