Old School Learning Mat Pattern

Old School Learning Mat



This pattern was a design that was spawned by a childhood memory. My hope is to bring some old school learning back to the children of today. This pattern is NOT meant for infants, used as a teether, etc. The parts to this mat are secure but as a safety precaution it should be used with toddlers and with Adult Supervision at all times. Please note to whom ever you are making this mat for to check mat regularly for loosening parts.

I made this mat with mostly left over skeins I had of Red Heart SuperSaver. I prefer Red Heart for Projects like these because they hold up well to multiple cleanings &/or washings.
There is a lot to this pattern but 80% of it is repeating the same row several times.
Now on to the pattern ☺

There is also a Written Pattern Only PDF in my Ravelry Store. 🙂

What you will need….

RedHeart SuperSaver in … Red, White, Yellow, Blue, Light & Regular Green, Light & Regular Purple, Orange & Dark Orange And Black

Hooks.. 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm
Stitch Markers… Several
Measuring Tape, Tapestry Needle & Sewing Needle
Buttons ( 5) , Natural Wood Shapes ( 7), Zippers ( 1 , 5in & 1, 7in)
Shoe Lace ( 48in or longer) Decorative button for next to laces.
Thread to sew zippers on… I used yarn to sew other items on.

Stitches & Special Notes..

SC – Single Crochet
DC – Double Crochet
HDC – Half Double Crochet
SK – Skip Stitch

There are a couple of the Mats that require Chaining to make loops or button holes… It there is NO SK after the Chain amount .. Place your hook directly into the next stitch. Do not Skip a stitch unless directed to do so.
ALSO… I’m a tight stitch’r


Yellow Mat.. 4mm hook


Ch. 43

Row 1.) Second Chain from hook SC, SC across (42)
Row 2.) Ch.1, turn, SC across (42)
Row 3 – 14.) Repeat Row 2

Now making a slot for 5in zipper..
Row 15.) Ch.2, turn, HDC next 11 stitches, Ch.20, SK 20 stitches, HDC last 11 Stitches (42)

Row 16.) Ch.1, turn, SC across first 11 stitches, SC in each of the 20 chains you made previous round, SC last 11 stitches. (42)
Row 17.) Ch.1, SC across (42)
Row 18 – 37) Repeat Row 17

Now making slot for 7in zipper
Row 38.) Ch.1, turn, HDC first 4 stitches, Ch.34, SK 34 stitches, HDC last 4 stitches.
Row 39.) Ch.1, turn, SC first 4 stitches, SC in each of the 34 chains made on previous row, SC last 4
Row 40.) Ch.1, turn, SC across (42)
Row 41 – 50.) Repeat row 40, End of Row 50 tie off.

Your Square should measure approx.. 9×9… Block to a 9×9 square, then sew on zippers.

White Mat ..5mm hook




Row 1. ) HDC in 2nd Chain from hook, HDC across (34)
Row 2.) Ch.1, Turn, HDC across (34)
Row 3-12.) Repeat Row 2

*By Row 6.. You should have 2 inches*
Place a stitch marker 5 stitches from beginning of row you just finished, Place another SM every 4th stitch after first SM. You will have a total of 7 stitch markers

Row 13.) Ch.1, Turn, HDC to 1st SM, *HDC- Ch.4 in SM stitch, HDC next stitch –Cont. HDC to next SM*, Repeat *to* across to last SM… HDC in Last SM stitch, Ch.2, HDC to end of row.

Row 14.) Ch.1, Turn, HDC across…. Making sure to push the loops to back, out of way. DO NOT HDC in any loops, Just Stitches.
Row 15.) Ch.1, Turn, HDC Across
Row 16-18.) Repeat row 15
Row 19.) Your Going to Repeat Row 13
Row 20.) Repeating Row 14.. Making sure to push back loops out of way,

Row 21.) Ch.1, turn, HDC across
Row 22-28.) Repeat row 21

Finish off.. Block to 9×9

Blue Mat…. 6mm hook




Row 1.) 2nd ch from hook SC, SC across (27)
Row 2.) Ch 2, Turn, * SK – DC, DC in SK *, Repeat *to* across, DC in Last Stitch (27)

Row 3-6.) Repeat Row 2

Row 7.) Ch 1, Turn, HDC in Back Loop Only Across *** Small Video @ end of pattern showing what your ” seam” should look like****
Row 8.) Ch 2, Turn, Working in BACK Loop only of row 6 ( not row you just made. Fold that down in front, out of way) .. *SK – DC, DC in SK* Across, DC last

Row 9 – 14.) Repeat Row 3

Row 15.) Ch. 1, Turn, SC 1st 6 stitches, Ch. 10 ( or amount to loosely fit over button), SC next 8, Ch. 10 ( button amount), SC next 8, Ch. 10 ( button amount) , SC across remainder.
Row 16.) Ch. 2, Turn, *SK –DC – DC in SK*.. folding the Ch.10 flat in front out of way… Repeat *to* across, DC last stitch

Row 17.) Ch 2, Turn, * SK – DC- DC in SK* , Repeat *to* across, DC last.
Row 18 – 20.) Repeat Row 17.
Row 21.) Ch.1, Turn, SC across.. Finish off

Your Button Loops should be on the same side as the “seam” you made. Now moving on to the “seam” made earlier… This is where we are going to make the button “Flaps”.

With The Button loops at top..

Row 22.) Attach yarn with SS in the Ch.2 at the beginning of “seam”.
Step A.) SC first 10 stitches
Step B – D.) Ch.1, Turn, SC across
Step E.) Ch.1, Turn, SC 1st 3 – Ch. 4 – SK 4 stitches, SC last 3 (10)
Step F.) NO CHAIN, Turn, SC2TOG, SC across (9)
Step G.) Repeat Step F (8)
Step H.) NO CHAIN, Turn, SC 1st 2 – SC2TOG x2 – SC last 2, (6) finish off

Turning Work Around so button loops are at bottom..
Row 23.) Attach yarn w/ SS in Ch.1 at beginning of “Seam”….
REPEAT Steps 22 A-H

This makes the flaps face opposite directions.

Red Mat … 5mm Hook



Ch. 35

Row 1.) SC 2nd chain from hook, SC across (34)
Row 2.) Ch.1, Turn, SC in 1st stitch, *SC – Ch. 4 – SC next 2* repeat *to* across w/ SC in Last stitch. ( You should have 11 loops)
* Make sure to Keep Loops out of way*
Row 3.) Ch. 1, Turn, SC 1st 3, Ch.4, SC next 2, *SC – Ch. 4- SC next2* Repeat * to * across, SC last.

Row 4.) Ch.1, Turn, (keeping loops on same side as previous loops) SC Across
Row 5 – 7.) Ch.1, Turn, SC across

Row 8.) Repeat Row 2
Row 9.) Repeat Row 3
Row 10-13.) Repeat Row 4

Continue Rows 8 – 13 til you are close to 9 inches. Finishing off with 2 rows of SC. Finish off and Block to 9×9

Back Mat… 8mm Hook

Ch. 63
Starting with Green ( or Desired color)
Row 1.) SC 2nd Chain from hook, SC across (62)
Row 2- 6.) Ch.1, Turn, SC across.
At this point my 6 rows of green measured approx. 1 ½ inches. If you have more or less.. Compensate by omitting a row or adding a row.

You will change out color at end of row 6 to Light Green.

You will be doing 6 rows of each color. When you get to the end of your 6th color.. your piece should measure approx.. 9 inches.

At the end of the 6th color you will do the 6th colors again… then going backwards with your colors .. ending with the color you started with.

The back piece should have a measurement of Approx 18 x 18 inches..

Block to 18×18


Now you will Sew on your buttons, shapes, etc

I used yarn to sew on the buttons. It is thicker and stronger than thread. Don’t worry about looks on the back side as that will be covered by the back. The Main goal here is Safety. MAKE SURE you are tying and securing these items on well. Triple Knot, wind end thru some stitches and tie again. Remember this is for toddlers and washings. We want this to stay safe as possible.
After you have securely attached all your buttons, etc It’s time to attach all the pieces together.

This is up to you to sew &/or crochet pieces together. Which ever way is easiest for you.

Since I placed the black boarder around the edges.. This consists of 2 rounds around the 4 mats, 1 round around the back mat, and then 2 rounds connecting the back and front…. I chose to SC 2 panels together, going Only around the outside edges of the 2 panels, Then Wip stitching the open portions between the 2 panels
I then SC’d the other 2 panels together the same way…., then wip stitched them both together.

I Few Notes… I would SC around the back panel first…
Making sure you note down your stitch count as you go around..

Example for mine was…. Top (across) 58 stitches
Bottom (across) 58 stitches
Sides 65 stitches

This way when putting the border around the 4 mats you know how many stitches you are going to need to put them both together evenly.. If you don’t do this.. you will either be increasing stitches or decreasing stitches as you are crocheting the Front panels to the back.

This pattern is also on my site with Pictures to help. I do not have a step by step picture or video as it would be a tremendously large pattern.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me. I would also love to see finished projects ☺ tag me on instagram or shout out to me on my Facebook page ☺



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