The Caribbean Ruana Pattern

The Caribbean Ruana


Red Heart’s SuperSaver Ombre Yarn

**Revised April 2019**


Introducing The Caribbean Ruana.. A shorter fun style of Ruana. I wanted an easy and fun pattern to use this beautiful colored Ombre Yarn by Red Heart.


This Ruana fits my daughter who is 5’6 and wears a size s/m shirt. My Body form, which I display the Ruana on is a size 6/7.


What you will need….


1 Skein of Red Heart’s Super Saver Ombre Scuba ( or your choice of color)

1 Skein of contrasting color ..  I used Super Saver Charcoal

9mm Hook

Scissors, Measuring Tape & Tapestry Needle


Need To Know..


SC – Single Crochet

DC – Double Crochet

RSC – Reverse Single Crochet aka Crab Stitch


Pattern Notes..


The Majority of this Ruana is made with using the V- Stitch.


This Pattern was Design to Use exactly 1 Skein on Ombre and 1 skein of contrast color.




Starting w/ contrast color (charcoal)


The Majority of this Ruana is made with using the V- Stitch.

The V-Stitch is made by putting 2 DC’s into one stitch.. skipping the next stitch & repeat this pattern across the row. Then on next round ( and following rounds) you will place the DC into the space between the 2 DC’s on previous row. This splits the top of the DC’S making for a V type look..

This Pattern was Design to Use exactly 1 Skein on Ombre.


Starting w/ contrast color (charcoal)

Chain 112


  1. 2 DC’s  in 3 chain from hook, *skip a chain.. 2 DC’s next chain.* Repeat * to *  across.. Ending with 1 DC in last chain.


  1. Chain 3.. (We are not starting V- Stitch yet)..  2 DC’s in First Space between DC’s , skip the 2 DC’s then 2 DC’s in next space.. Continue this across  putting a 1DC in Ch.3 space at end of row.


  1. Repeat Row 2


  1. Repeat Row 2 …. change color at end of row…


5 -19.) Now we will start the V-Stitch. Chain 3 ..  2DC’s in-between the 2DC’s of previous row. Continue this pattern across.

You will repeat Row 5 for another 14 rows = 15 total rows.


20.)  Now you will be doing a few “short” rows for the neck gap.

Continuing with V-stitch…

Chain 3 , 2DC’s in -between prior DC’s, Repeat 19 more times. You should have a total of 20 – 2DC’s


21-24.) Repeat row 20

You should have a total of 5 rows for neck opening.

         ** Now you will go back to “long” rows. **


25.) Chain 3, Follow V-Stitch pattern til you come to Last V-Stitch.. DO Not Turn… Your going to chain 65 + 3


 Note.. Make sure to maintain the Same tension as Starting chain. If you do this chain to tight or loose it will not match up with previous side. Also Make sure to not twist your chain as you work back along it.


26.) Turn and start in 3rd chain from hook… 2DC’s in first stitch, *skip a chain, 2 DC’s next*… work * to *  along chain and previous V stitch row until end.


27-40.) Continue your V- Stitch rows for a total of 15.


41.) Switch color… Chain 3.. You are going to go back to “granny” type pattern now. 2DC’s in Space between the 2DC’s NOT the Middle of the 2DC’s Do this across til end. Placing a single DC in last stitch.


42-44.) Repeat Row 41 .. 3 more time for a total of 4 rows.

Now your edging…

Whether you continue with the yarn attached too end of row 44 or you can finish off and restart.

I continued chaining 1 turning & placing 2DC’s in the last DC space, skipping next DC cluster & placing 2DC’s in next space. Then working the bottom of the back top piece your going to place 3DC’s in every other space.. See Attached picture..



When You have completely gone around the whole outer portion of Ruana your going to turn Chain 3 & come back.

Tie off.

Now your going to take your Contrast color and start  on either side of the front part of the ruana… As pictured below…

IMG_0520Its alittle wonky as I have not blocked it yet 🙂

Your going to start your crab stitch on one of these corners and go all the way around to other arrow. When you reach other arrow, turn your work and SC along front and up neckline and down other side to your beginning arrow ( of Crab Stitch) SS into 1st crab stitch and fasten off.




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  1. I have everything ready to make your beautiful Caribbean Ruana, but would like to know if I would like to make it a bit bigger how do I adjust the chains too and the other stitches?


    1. Make sure you make a note of how many chains you use to increase and you add a even number. So say you add 40.. when you get to the neck/split part go a extra 20 stitches before you stop and turn your work. Then after the split your gonna do the full extra 40. To add width just do more rows before you start the row for the neck/split and do the same amount of extra rows after the split. I hope this makes sense. Please feel free to contact me


      1. Sandi, thank you for this. Let me see if I understand this correctly.. So the pattern says it is 112 chains for a S/M size, so if I want to make a size L/XL if I add say a extra 40 chains to the beginning it will be 152 chains or should I make it a even number of 160 chains to start off with? And instead of doing 20 rows, I should make maybe 30 rows before I start with the neck part?
        And then I am lost with the neck part!! LOL


      2. 152 is still a even amount so adding 40 is fine. When you get to the neck ( short rows) original pattern says do V stitch 20 times. Your gonna add 20 more to that. ( 20 is half of the added chain amount you did) this will keep the front and back portions the same length😁 As far as adding rows .. just make sure you add the same amount on the other side also. 30 might be too wide. You can gauge it as you go. If you can .. measure from persons neck to just past edge of shoulder. Then while making rows stop at that measurement and then do neck rows


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