A Few Ways to Help your Fellow Crafters

Helping Fellow Crafters?!

Just bare with me here for a few minutes.. I know you have probably seen the million posts out there on subjects like this but I have a few that are are over looked.

I’m not new to this whole blog thing. I actually had learned HTML, Forum, etc about 12+ yrs ago. Lemme tell ya things have changed Drastically since then. I had also dabbled in “blogging” when it first came out, Before it became what it has today. Blogging, websites, etc weren’t the “money” making thing they are now. Most were just a way to express yourself and have fun doing it.. Stats, likes, follows were not a must have, they were just there.

Today.. it’s all about how popular your site.. whether a blog, website, Facebook page or Etsy store has become. The need to have popularity is a must now if your going to profit from what you do. The pressure to have and make these “numbers” becomes greater and greater.

Instagram is the biggest of these number musts… but does it really help your site?? Does it bring the people to your actual blog or page?!? This is yet to be determined in my eyes. I have seen several 5k and up Instagram profiles that have little to no followers on there site and vice versa.

Why do I bring this all up?!?! A fellow crafter relies on that “traffic” to make money. There is several ways this can happen. That traffic purchases something on their site, Clicks on a affiliate link, clicks on a Ad or just because they had a certain amount a traffic to their site.

This now brings me to how you can help. These are ways I haven’t seen discussed in other blogs, etc. First you need to recognize how there site is set up.

Selling sites… These are pretty basic. These speak for themselves. If they have Etsy.. Favorite them, Favorite a item, If you like what they make purchase something from them & make sure you write a review. Etsy sellers are relying on followers, favorites and especially reviews. When buyers see a shop they immediately look at how popular this shop is and What the reviews say. Now… I’m not telling you to “fib” for this person. ALWAYS Be Honest. I’m just saying that popularity and reviews are what get a shop noticed.

Bloggers... Now this is alittle more in-depth than just a selling site.. Depending on the site &/or Blog determines how this crafter makes their money. Let’s break it down…

A blogger has several options depending on the site they chose to use for their blog. There is Free blogs… These usually do not earn money, unless the blog is tied to a shop site.

Domain Blogs/Site… These have 1 or more options depending on the domain site. Some domains only allow ad’s, some allow ad’s and affiliates.

Ad Only domains.. these are tricky as some only allow certain ad’s, you can not alter these ad’s, you have no control of where they are placed or what they show. Others may allow you to alter, move, etc those ad’s

Ad & Affiliates Domains…. These allow you to do as you please. However, in some instances you must have a certain amount of traffic to even have a affiliate.

Now that you know that different types of sites, this gives you more options on how you can help.

Following/ visiting a site helps any blogger/crafter. Whether or not they have affiliates or want affiliates.. having the “traffic” to their site helps them. Ad only sites get paid by either clicks or just traffic itself. The more Traffic, the more they can make and/or be able to get affilates/ sponsors. Just following can have some affect but its the Visits that count the most. Now, I saw some eyes rolling on that comment hahaha.. Yes, its hard to go visit sites, especially if your following alot of people. The best way to make this the easiest to do is to sign up to receive emails from that site. You get notifications to when something new is happening on that site. Don’t want a bunch of emails coming to your email account… make a email account strictly for your fellow crafters. 😉 Take one or 2 days a week and spend 10- 15 mins and go visit the sites you follow. If you want people to help you, you need to help others 😉

Affiliate/Sponsor…. These links take you to particular items. When say… Looking at a pattern they will have posted the Brand of yarn used and link it. there could be ad specific for this yarn. Either way by clicking on that and going to the Affiliate/Sponsor site.. that earns that crafter money. Some Affiliate/Sponsors require you to purchase said item for that crafter to earn something. IF your going to order online for a item and you know a crafter that has a link.. Why not just go threw that link to get the item?! your still ordering online but your helping a fellow crafter while doing so. Theres alot of new items out that crafters have a sponser for and get that said item to play with before you can find it at the stores. They are giving you the opportunity to get that item without the wait til it hits a store.. if it even goes to a store near you.

Finally.. Word of Mouth. Don’t be afraid to tell others about another crafter. If they are making things that are not “competition” for you.. why not give them a shout out. Frankly I don’t think crafters should worry about “competition”. Everyone, whether it is the same concept or not Makes Things Unique in Their Own Way!!



  1. Visit a fellow crafters site at least 2 times a week.
  2. Sign up to emails.. easier to keep track of sites your following & lets you know when there’s something new.
  3. When visiting.. click a ad or 2, make sure you go threw their different pages
  4.  Like, favorite, or comment on a item or post
  5. Purchase from a link at a fellow crafters site for something you are going to purchase online anyways.

Remember.. Follow those that peak your interest.. Don’t follow just for follows. You need to like and be genuine when telling others about that fellow crafter’s work. If your inspired other will be also.

May you all have a Wonderful Weekend…







  1. Great post Sandi!! Most of these things I already knew but some I didn’t! I easily spend twice as much time visiting other sites than I do getting my own posts ready. It really is THAT important!! I paid for the premium plan on WordPress and I only hope to earn enough to renew my domain next year, but I know that there are a lot of people that need this income! I would love to see every crafter I visit be successful – I very firmly believe that the world would be so much better, happier and more colorful if everyone could craft for a living!!! Since that’s impossible it is up to all of us to stick together and support each other so that every one that does give it a go will be successful!! I do have selfish reasons for visiting their sites too – I have learned so much and gotten some great inspirations and ideas from other crafters. Thanks for posting this!!!! 😀

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    1. Thank You Tami. I’ve always tried to help the most I can. My thought were even a little is better than none 😉 wasn’t til I ordered the redheart Ombré that it hit me that I could have bought it threw a sponsor link and still paid the same but I would have helped a fellow crafter out. Thought it be nice to share my thoughts 😁

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