The Star Spangled HeadBand

 The Star Spangled HeadBand


By WulfiesEssentials

This pattern is fairly easy.. You need to know how to do..

SC =Single Crochet, DC = Double Crochet
Granny Stitch = 3DC Cluster w/chains
Decrease aka SC2TOG = taking next two stitches & making 1
Light Basic Sewing

You will need…

4mm & 6mm Hook

1 Ball Red, 1Ball White & 1 Ball Blue of Cotton yarn. I used Peaches & Crème 2.5oz balls.. They are weight 4, You will have about half a ball of each left over. Might be able to make 2 headbands out of these.

A small amount of Stuffing… I just grabbed a handful of my stash.

Scissors, 1 Stitch Marker, Measuring tape & Tapestry Needle


I Have a PDF Version Avail on Ravelry for those that prefer to download.. it does not contain a picture by picture tutorials.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.
Depending on what you prefer you do not have to fill the stars with stuffing. Filling the posts is a Must. If you don’t the weight of the stars is going to make them flop over.

Leave longer tails.. atleast 3 inches


Make 2 Red & 2 White Stars.. 6mm hook
This is a Modified Granny Square “type” stitch. I did this to minimize the “holes” between the stitches but still keep the stars small.



1) Chain 3, DC 2, Chain 1 into circle.. *DC 3, Chain 1* 4 times for a total of 5 -DC 3 Clusters. SS into top of Chain 3 of first cluster

2) No Chain.. SC in top of middle DC stitch of that first cluster.. SS into Chain 1 space, Chain3, 2DC’s, Chain2, 3DC’s.. SS into top of middle DC in next cluster….. * 3DC’s, Chain2, 3DC’s, SS into top of middle DC of next cluster* repeat 3 more times for a total of 5 .. SS into SC

Put to side..

MAKE 1 Red & 1 White Post… using 4mm hook

1) Chain 1, SC 6 times, SS into first SC
DO NOT close MC to tight yet.
If you close your MC tightly after SS your stitches together is makes it very hard to find and make your second row of stitches.. Plus your MC closed leaving a little gap… After doing the second round.. Then Close tight

2) Chain 1, SC around… DO NOT SS into first SC…

Now continue to just SC around in a circle til your post is approx. no Longer than 2 ½ inches long. This does not have to be exact. You can make shorter posts I just don’t recommend making them taller as it will make them harder to stand up on the headband. After you have made the length you desire … end with a SS and tie off.

Now stuff your posts.
You want it packed pretty full except for the very top as you will need to flatten the top to sew it inside the bottom of the 2 stars. The other end need to remain kinda flat, so do not push stuff down to hard to make it bubble out. I found taking the stuffing & rubbing it back in forth in my hands compacts it a bit to make it easier to stuff into post. Use a pencil (eraser end) or end of your crochet hook to help stuff it down into post.

The Headband… measures approx. 11 inches total


Chain 3

1.) 2SC in 2nd stitch from hook (2)
2.) Chain 1, 2SC in both stitches (4)
3.) Chain 1, 2SC First, SC nxt 2, 2SC in Last (6)
4.) Chain 1, 2SC First, SC nxt 4, 2SC in last (8)
5.) Chain 1, SC across (8)
Rows 6-35 Repeat Row 5
Band should be approx. 10inches at End of this point. If making for a small child omit a few rows depending on size of childs head.. measure from temple over top of head to temple.
Now Decreasing…

36.) Chain 1, First 2 stitches SC2TOG, SC nxt 4, Last 2 Stitches SC2TOG (6)
37.) Chain 1, SC2TOG, SC nxt 2, SC2TOG (4)
38.) Chain 1, SC2TOG, SC2TOG (2)
39.) Chain 1, SC2TOG (1)

Now your going to SC around your headband & add Tie Straps while doing so.
Starting at your last SC… Row 39… continue going the same direction.. DO NOT TURN.. SC evenly to opposite end. When you get to the “hole” of the starting chain… Do 1 SC then Chain 50

SC 2nd chain from hook & continue to SC back along chain to headband. SC in SAME “hole” space as you left off at.

See the “hole” above that I’m referring too

Now continue to SC around the other side of band. When you reach where you started Stop ONE stitch before your starting SC.
Chain 50, SC 2nd chain from hook, SC back along chain to band. SC in the Stitch you missed, SS into starting SC. Fasten Off.

Now to put it all together…

Starting with the Posts & Stars….

Take your stars.. your going to now Secure & Run the MC tail down threw a DC to other Tail
Should look like this..

Tie the 2 ends together. Do this With ALL 4 Stars….

Prepare Posts to attach to Stars….

Your going to take the tail from your post and sew your post closed.. tie off and hide tail.


Now .. place the post on the bottom of the star where your tails of your Star are.. you going to feed the right side tail threw right side of post and left tail threw left side of post

Starspangledpattern7It should look like this..

Place second star on top of first star.. and feed tails exactly like you just did.. You will now have tails on either side of your post..

It Should look Like the picture below… Sorry they are alittle hard to see as its White yarn 😦


Starting on one side pull both tails tight.. then tie them in a Knot.
Do the same with other side. Trim, but leave alittle tail to hide inside of star.

Now we are going to SC around the outer edge of the stars to put them together…
Using the 4mm hook

Starting as Close as you can to the post, SC …the closer the better it will hold its position.

SC til you get to first “hole” aka Chain 2, You will put 4SC in this “hole”.

Continue SC til you come to your SS (the indent area) you will SS into this stitch.. Continue your SC, 4SC & SS around the star. Before you reach last “hole” lightly stuff your star, you do not have to stuff it if you do not like the look. I chose to stuff to make it more 3D & stand up straight. You can also achieve this by stiffening your yarn.…

Continue finishing around star…. SC as Close as possible to post when you come to the end.. Fasten off and Sew in your tails. Repeat this for other Star.

Your stars should now look like this…


Count your rows of headband and place a stitch marker in the center of your head band… Count 3 rows to either side of the stitch marker.
Then count 4 rows in.. this is where you will attach the star at on your headband.
When sewing on the posts… You will want to make sure you are going around the outside edge of your post. Your stitched need to be also quite tight or you will end up with floppy stars.
After I sewed on my posts I did a SS around, as close as possible to post. This helps give a bit of security & stiffness for the post.

I hope you enjoy & have fun with this pattern 🙂



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