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Hemptique’s Yarn & Cord Review

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It’s finally here.. Well most of it haha I was waiting on a order I placed with Hemptique to try the yarn I saw that they now carry. Then I had my surgery soooo I’m behind schedule 😦

To clarify some of the “rumors”… NO, I’m not a “pot smoker” nor do I think it should be allowed Unless it is for medical reasons. Yes, I know the difference between CBD oils and actual marijuana. I have always been respectful of Mother Earth & do what I can to not destroy this beautiful plant. When I first learned of Hemp products I did alot of research as I was a bit unknowledgeable about it. There is so many benefits from the plant as a whole, I was surprised. Hemptique’s Website has some great information on the plant and how it benefits the earth. Now.. Because of it being natural and a renewable resource I went ahead and tried different products.

When I first started purchasing from Hemptique 90% of the products they had was just the Cord. They have different thickness & now.. different materials. Most common that people use is the 1mm (#20) cord. I prefer the .5mm (#10) for my Stones as I work with very small stone or drilled stones. After a few month I tried their Bamboo cord. As my projects don’t use alot of cord a spool lasts me forever… well almost haha. I have not tried the larger cord as of yet. I have a few branch limbs I would like to try a Macrame wall hanging with but.. that won’t be for a while 😦

W.E Hemptique Post

As the Hemp cord is the only one that comes in the .5mm that is my go to cord. It is strong for being a thin cord. The thinness give my work a more delicate look. Most of my drilled stones fit perfectly on the .5mm which is great because then I’m not trying to drill the holes bigger which results in possible breakage of the stones. This cord has never frayed while working with, the imperfections are very rare( where you get a bit that is alittle thicker than rest of cord). This cord is not “soft” but it is not scratchy either. The Hemp cord has never snapped on me while working with it and I have never had a issue of it lasting. I have several stone necklaces that I or my husband wear on a daily basis and none have broken. That’s 3 years and still going.

The Bamboo cord that I had used has a softer feel to it. I did not use it much only because it was difficult to feed thru my stones. It still is a great cord & if your look for a softer cord this is the one for you.



This is my newest find on Hemptique’s site. I about fell outta my chair when I saw it. They have about 10 colors to choose from, not sure if they are planing on getting more colors or not. When it finally arrived and I picked it up I was shocked on how soft this yarn is. This yarn is 70% cotton, 30% hemp. It is thinner than normal cotton yarn, even though it states #4 weight. It is not as thin as my mercerized cotton I use so its a GREAT inbetween yarn. When you hold it.. it just has this weightless, soft, squeezable feel πŸ™‚ I immediately had a project in mind for it. I’ve been wanting to make this item for a long time but I didn’t want to use regular cotton as it was kinda bulky and the mercerized I have just made it look cluttered no matter how big of a stitch I used. This was the perfect yarn to try. I love that fact it is soft with out the man-made chemical process used with mercerized. While working on my project I only had a few issues, it would fray alittle if I worked to fast. It also does not like being frogged multiple times haha. The more I frogged and restarted the more fraying I got but it didn’t hinder or ruin the yarn i was working with. It was still very usable. It has more stretch than I was thinking also, which is a good thing but make sure you anticipate that when making your design. I have completed the prototype of my project.. Looks great but wonky at the same time haha. I will be making up the pattern and will try my hardest to have it out on Saturday 5/13 for all to see. πŸ™‚


Also purchased some Hemp fabric. The Hubby.. Corydins_Stitchery is going to see how well it will work with Cross-Stitch. You can Follow him on instagram.. *wink wink* hahaha He is alot busier than I and he is also like me and has several projects going at once sooooo.. it might be awhile til he gets to the fabric. This fabric is meant for making articles of clothing, etc NOT cross-stitch…. We are rebels like that hahaha anyways… I can tell you its soft, stretchy and all around great feel but until he trys it.. we will see πŸ˜‰


All around, if your wanting to work with natural fibers that also benefit Mother Earth Hemp is a great choice. Hemptique offers hemp products at reasonable prices, They have many great products & all around great company.

Have a Great Day πŸ™‚


***I am not endorsed by anyone mentioned in this post. These are my opinions not anyone else’s nor are my opinions influenced in anyway.****


















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