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Terra-Cotta pot Make-Over



Easy & Customizeable Planter Pot DIY


After moving over to the South-East over 2yrs ago… I’m finding myself missing, what I call Home, The South-West. I’ve lived numerous places thru out my life but I’ve loved and lived in the Desert the most. Surprisingly a Cactus I’ve had for over 5yrs has survived living over here, as wet as it is… Yes, I traveled over 2500miles with a huge outside cactus in my vehicle HAHAHAHA. While at the hardware store the other day I happened to run across a gorgeous cactus 🙂 and I had to bring it home. To my surprise I couldn’t find a pot to transplant it into. Then the “crafter” in me was HEY, I’ll just make my own 🙂

Believe it or not you can actually make and customize your own planter pot without spending a fortune. Btw.. Have you seen some of the prices on those fancy pots at the stores?!?!?! Whole Cow!! Anyways.. If your not a crafter horder like myself, I basically had everything at home already 😉  Here’s all you will need.

1). Terra-cotta pot. Depending on the size you need these run around $1.00 – $3.00

2). ChalkBoard Paint.. Spray kind is best. Walmart has it for like $3.74 online. My store had a sale on it when I had purchased it .. I got it for $2.00

3). Acrylic Paints. I used 3 different colors.. Metallic Grey ( its sparkly), Glitter White & Copper. You can also get these at Walmart for .50 to .97 cents depending on colors.

4). Chalk or Chalk pens. Ofcourse your cheaper route is plain chalk which is about $1.00. You can go the route of the Pens but you just made your simple DIY into one of those expensive pots at the store unless you have other uses for the pens. Pens can run 9.00 & up.

Your going to need newspaper or something to put down for your working area and a small dish for your paint, if your using paint.

These are optional depending on what you want to do with your pot.

Natural sponges ( $3.00), Paint Brushes ($2.00)

Enter a caption

I used a old paper bag as my working mat. Unless you plan on painting alot, Like I do, you don’t need all that I have in the photo. 😉

Step 1. Your going to spray paint the pot and plate ( if you purchased the plate). As Terra-cotta is porous the chalk paint will absorb quickly into the pot. You will want to give it 3 -4 coats. Do not spray paint the whole interior of the pot… Only the top 2 inches or so. You don’t wanna kill your plant with chemicals from the paint. I usually figure out where the plant will probably be sitting in the pot and spray paint to that level.

Step 2. After it is dry…. I left mine outside in 80 degree weather for an hour. The Fun begins… 😉

Starting with Plate..


I used the sponges to create this design. You can also get this look using paint brushes. First you will start of with the darker colors you chose, let it dry, then dab the next, etc til you get your desired look. IF you use the sponges to do this DO NOT pre-wet them. Use them dry. Using them dry gives you more control on how much paint you want and the design. If the sponges are wet prior to applying the paint you will get a mushier, blobish type design.

Seeing as how the dish will be more subjected to water I applied a coat of clear acrylic gloss to protect my design. This is completely optional.

Now The Pot..

Here’s where you take the reins.. You can leave the whole thing just chalkboard, you can add the same design to the top rim as plate, whatever you want.  I chose to do the rim the same as the plate.

Now, the body of the pot. You can apply permanent designs or you can just leave the canvas blank and put a favorite quote on it. Leave Messages to your loved ones. The choices are limitless. I chose to do chalk pen on one side and left the other side blank to leave little I Love You messages to the hubby when I’m gone. 🙂

You can use stencils, handwriting or print to leave your messages on the pot. I did a mix hahaha since my handwriting is not what it used to be… sorry it looks abit kiddie but I believe doing it in your own writing, no matter how perfect or ugly, Has more meaning to it.

All it takes to do any DIY Craft is your imagination… There is no right or wrong in Creating!!














3 thoughts on “Terra-Cotta pot Make-Over”

  1. I love this idea! I don’t know what I was thinking last winter and didn’t bring my fancy pots that my mother in law gave me inside. For some reason I thought they would be fine outside for the winter and they all cracked and broke into pieces. It is ridiculous how much pretty pots cost!! I’m already imagining all of the different designs I would love to do! Thanks for sparking my imagination this morning!! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ohhh Soo Sorry 😦 I’ve lost alot of “nice” planter pots over the years… I just couldn’t stomach paying out for them to get ruined so quickly. So much you can do with a little creativity. Glad I could spark your creativity 🙂 Plus everytime you see the planter you have made, you’ll get that little smile and I made that!! proud feeling 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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