Wattle Stitch & Spider Stitch.. My New Addictions


Left -Spider stitch.. Right- Wattle Stitch

Today I’m going to discuss the Similarity’s and Differences between the Wattle & Spider Stitches.

If you just glance at the 2 stitches you will probably think to yourself that they look like the same stitch. In actuality they are very similar, but with the uses of different hook sizes and yarn weight they can look very different.

Above shows you a better close up of the 2 stitches. Because of the projects I was doing with these 2 stitches I used a hook 2 sizes larger than recommended for the type of yarn I was using. The reasoning for this is ..One it’s cotton and Two since it will be in contact with water on a regular basis I wanted a looser stitch so it would dry quicker and If there was any shrinkage in the wash it would not loose much of its form.

The Wattle Stitch


I made a couple of potholders w/ HDC backs & several face scrubbies ( also with HDC backs). The Wattle is easy to do and has a very, what I think, Classy n Cute look. I wanted something with a nice texture but not bulky like the puff stitches. Using this stitch gave me the grip type texture while keeping it loose at the same time. ๐Ÿ™‚

The Stitch is a pattern of 1sc,ch1,1dc,sk2.

The Spider Stitch


I made a washcloth and in the process of finishing placemats with the Spider stitch. Again.. A very cute & fun stitch. Giving texture, easy dry time and looks great on the table ๐Ÿ™‚

The Stitch is a pattern of .. SC, CH1, SC in each Ch1 Space.

Though there are millions, well not millions but seems like it, tutorials for New & Old crochet stitches on the web nowadays.. I found these while checking out another pattern by a fantastic crocheter, knitter,crafter…ย  Mama In A Stitch. I’ve talked about Jessica in other blogs before but I’m such a fan of hers and have been following her work for a longtime now.ย  I had seen her pattern for the Farm House Washcloth . She has a great tutorial for this pattern and as I was making this washcloth I got addicted to the stitch. Next thing I knew I was making all kinds of things with this stitch. There’s a bit of a rough spot starting this stitch but once you have done a few rows its starts forming and you get the jest of where you are going to put your hook. Its alittle, well for me it was, difficult to figure out where the ch1 space is. I have provided a pic below of how I figured out where the chain1 is…

If you see where my finger nails are pointing too…

you will see there is a strand of yarn coming out and up and over the chain stitch. Your CH1 Space is the stitch JUST before that strand. Once you have worked a few rows it will be easier the see your Ch1 space. You can also Count.. there will be 2 stitches between the ch1 space.

As you can see there are similarities to these stitches. A difference of a DC instead of a SC. However, when your finished with your project you will see how much of a difference that one change can do. Like I stated before you can really see the difference if you use the appropriate hook size for the weight of yarn.

It’s very easy to make square or rectangular projects with these stitches. I have not tried to do a round project but might have to give it a go. If you try a circular pattern with either of these stitches Please let me know how it turned out ๐Ÿ™‚


Wattle Stitch is a pattern of…1SC,Ch1,1DC *repeat* Starting chain can be any length as long as it is in MULTIPLES of 3.

Spider Stitch is a pattern of …SC,Ch1,SC *repeat* Starting chain can be any length as long as it is a EVEN number.

These are fun and easy stitches to learn, They look great for everything I’ve been making so far and possibilities are endless, Can be adjusted to any size hook or weight of yarn And Using multi-colored yarn ends up with unique looking patterns. Dunno if this would be considered color-pooling or not.

Till Next week..

Have a Great Weekend!!!

I am not sponsored or affiliated with any person or links provided in this blog. This is solely my opinion and suggestions.


  1. I really like these stitches!! I’ll have to give them a try. I’ve been using double crochet for the majority of my last two projects and I’m in a mood to learn something new!! ๐Ÿ˜€

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