Tutorial for PI Stone Necklace w/ Hemptique Cord

This Little Beauty has been Sent to Hemptique’s Headquarters

I’m so excited to do this tutorial for you today 🙂  I have been making macrame necklaces, bracelets and other goodies for more than 4yrs now. I first was introduced to Hemp cord back in 2013 when I found my first cord at Hobby Lobby. They had cord by Hemptique on paper cards. I was intrigued but there wasn’t enough cord on the cards for the crafts I was intending to use them with. When I got home I looked up Hemptique’s Website which was on the back of the card… The drooling & obsession began. I have not used anyone else’s product since. I recently commented on their Facebook post, which was looking for Crafters/ Bloggers who use their products. Little did I know it was going to be a opportunity to have my work featured in their shop & featured in their newsletter.      Stay tune for Review on Hemptique early next week. 🙂

Though this tutorial really needs to be a Video… I have done my best with pictures for you… Hoping to have video’s soon.

So Here we go… Here’s what you will need…


A Clipboard

Hemptique’s Hemp cord .05mm in your desire color.

PI Stone – your stone of choice

Charms and/or Healing Stone beads, your preference

Cotton or something soft

Masking or painters tape

Scissors & Measuring Tape

First your going to need to cut…

Picture A

4 pieces that measure 130 inches each.

Picture B

Fold each piece in half leaving a loop

Like shown in pic A

Put that loop thru center of Stone

and pull end of string thru loop

Like Pic B

Picture C

Do this with all 4 pieces of string

The end result should look like pic C ..

A total of 8 strands.

After you have all your pieces of string attached to your stone …you are going to place your stone in the clamp of the clipboard with your cotton or protective soft material between the clamp and stone. This is to protect your stone from any scratches or damages that the clamp can do to it. Then you are going to separate 4 strands on the left side and put them up and out of the way. The remaining 4 strands are going to be the right side of the necklace. You are going to leave the 2 center strands and move the far left strand out of the way and the far right strand out of the way.

See pictures for guidance

As seen in last thumbnail.. You are going to bring the 2 center strands down.. Pull taunt and tape to board, putting the remainder of your cord under clipboard out of way. It is important to keep the center string tightly taped down to ensure even knots.

I have done a short video on how to do the SQUARE KNOT Technique I have used with this necklace. Once you have done a few knots you will see and feel the rhythm and it will become easier as you go. Just remember tension is the key.. you DO NOT want to pull too tight yet do not leave it loose. You want them snug together. By the way please disregard my snoring Chihuahua hahaha 🙂

Square Knot Steps..

  1. Left Over Center.. Right Over the Left piece..  then Right goes Under center Strings and up thru Left Loop
  2.  Left Under Center.. Right String Under Left piece.. Over Center and Down thru Left Loop.
  3. Repeat this pattern til you necklace strand measures approx 8 1/2 inches from Stone.


Your necklace should look like the picture above…

When you have reached the 8 1/2 inches. Untape the center cords.. move the whole strand up and out of the way and repeat everything you just did with Second set of 4 that you have put up and away earlier.

When you have completed both strands your going to…

Clamp your strands as above picture shows.  Then you are going to crisscross the center strands and tape them down. Leave a 4 inch gap between the end of the square not and where you crisscross the center strands. ** Note** I have leather tag’s I put on my work, hence the brown rectangle you see. 😉

Now leaving everything as is.. Flip your clip board around so the clamp is towards you.

Your crisscross ends should now be up and away from you… Tape down the necklace cords AND the tails from the crisscross… as in Picture 1

Working right side first.. take one of the working cords straight up to top where crisscross is, loop it and bring down and tape end where you taped cords.

Make sure to hold loop as you tape end down so it is tight.

Now take the other working cord and tightly wrap it around all the strings.. keep the wrap smooth. Do not let it overlap or have spacing. When you have wrapped approx a Inch up the strings.. stop. Put the end of the cord you have been using to wrap threw the loop.

Now untape the loops end and start to slowly pull it. When the loop is almost gone your going to want to put your other finger on top of the wrapped cord and apply alittle bit of pressure. Continue to pull the end cord. You will feel the loop being pulled under the wrap. DO NOT pull to hard or pull loop all the way out. You just want to pull til you first feel the loop under the wrapped area. Cut End of the string you were pulling as close to wrap as possible without cutting any other cord.

Now Repeat on the left side. Right Picture above shows both wraps finished. Now Leaving the crisscross still taped… untape the necklace strands. Starting on the right side.. take the 2 loose strands add stones, beads and/ or charms. This is where you decide where you want the beads to dangle at. Tie a knot twice at the desired length you want the beads to hang at.

And CONGRATS!!!! you have now made you very OWN PI Stone Necklace!!!

*** You may make this design for yourself but Please Do Not Use my Photos for your own. Place a Link to my site for any referencing. You can take the techniques and do as you please with them but Do Not Replicate my work to call your own. Thank You***

Available in my Etsy Store


  1. This is lovely Sandi! I haven’t done macrame in years. I should dig out my clipboard and find my plastic bin of beads and cord! Thank you for the inspiration! Crochet is my ultimate happy place but sometimes it’s nice to mix it up with some other types of knotty fun! Thank you for sharing this! 🙂


    1. Your so welcome. I feel the same way. I love crochet and love macrame but worry that I might get burnt out… which is inconceivable haha So I alternate between the two 🙂 Hope you have fun and if you have any questions just holler at me 😁

      Liked by 1 person

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