Etsy Update… April 22

As summer is getting close its time to switch gears in My Etsy Store. Sales are happeningΒ  on Winter/ Spring Items.

I might be attempting to head out to a Few Craft Fairs/ Farmers Markets this summer so Stock in the store may change unexpectedly.

I have new Items on there way… They have been made, they just need to get their glam on for Photo Shoot πŸ˜‰

Updated and NEW in Shop Today… PI Stone Necklaces.


Each PI Stone is made with Hemptique’s Hemp Cord, Healing Stone and My leather logo.

I have listed a couple of links that talk more in detail about the PI Stone and The Munay Ki, which the PI Stone was originally associated with and continues to this day.

I’m not affiliated with either of these 2 sites…

Til Next Week… Have a Great One πŸ™‚


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