Review: MANDALA by Lion Brand

This past week didn’t go as planned.. Alot did not get accomplished. 😦  Even though I did not finish the “project” I decided to write this review anyways. BECAUSE… I can NOT get ENOUGH of this YARN!!! haha

I Actually purchased the Mandala Yarn about a month or so ago but was hesitant to use it as I have been down this road before with gradient yarns. No I have not tried them all and there are many out there. But when you bite into a piece of beautiful, rich & delicious looking cake and it ends up disappointing you majorly, your kinda hesitant the next time you see a tasty cake.

However I will admit when I saw the huge sign with Lion Brand’s logo I went a bit loco en la cabeza 🙂 I’m a huge fan of Lion Brand and have been using their yarn for years.

I recently won a giveaway for a beautiful bag so immediately I knew that the Mandala was going to be the choice. I pulled it out of my stash, which took me a good 10 mins to figure out where the heck I put it hahaha. Below is a picture of the label on the Mandala roll.


As you can see there is the usual, which I’ll discuss in a moment, and then there is a picture of the gradient of the yarn, which also shows a tiny imperfection in the white yarn. ALSO below that picture they explicitly express that dye lots could differ slightly, may have different unique effects. They give you a heads up to what you can expect. NO hidden surprises.

This is a light weight yarn #3, recommends 5mm hook, 150g/ 5.3oz/ 590yds!!! 100% acrylic. The texture and feel to this yarn is soft, fluffy and light. I’m not sure if it’s just me but My favorite part of starting a new skein/ball/roll is fetching the “yarn barf” 🙂 I actually get disappointed when there is non or its tiny.Hahaha The Mandala was a unexpected beautiful surprise.. I have never had a yarn barf like this!!!



With the starting of this roll, How could it ever get worse?!?!… Even though this yarn was not what was recommend for the pattern I still decided t0 go ahead with it anyways, it just means my bag will be smaller than the pattern states. As I worked with the Mandala I was so impressed with the texture. It did not very to much in thickness and when it did it was not to much and did not effect the look of the stitches. It wasn’t til I was almost done with the base that I noticed something quite unique happening….


I placed my project on the table to go let the fur babies out and when I came back I looked down at my project and said WTH?!?!? Not only is there 5 different colors in this roll, there was different shades of that color. WOW.. now I’m excited to see the rest of the roll. As I become the Mad Hooker trying to get to the next color I can physically see as I’m going along the strand vary ever so slightly in color. The transitions in this yarn, in my mind are phenomenal.

Above you will see i finally… which felt like forever.. got to my next color. Even before getting to the White color you will see the green shade lightened again. I’m so Impressed with this yarn. Lion Brand did a excellent job, They Informed you about possible uniqueness in the yarn, Dye lots can even vary, etc. I was prepared for anything that came across my path.

The smooth, slow blends in this yarn makes it prefect for ANY pattern/ design. Break out of the normal scarves, shawls, etc that you have been doing with other gradient yarns.. there are so many possibilities with Mandala. I will definitely Add to this post as I progress on my bag. I believe doing a SC stitch is going to show off this yarns beauty.  A big huge Congrats & Kudos to Lion Brand for bringing out this wonderful yarn

You can “possibly” find it at your local Walmart… unless you live in a small town like me, which hasn’t stocked and/or gotten it in yet. I actually got mine when I was in the closest “big” city to me.

If you don’t wanna go searching for it, or your local Walmart doesn’t have all the colors.. Jump on over to Lion Brands site…. Nothing like getting a Box of yarn delivered to you 🙂

Lion Brand Yarns.. Mandala


** I am NOT Endorsed by any companies or links on this blog** I solely am providing information to help you in locating the item described in this blog.

Thanks and Have a Wonderful Weekend!!!!





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